Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Darn stop sign ruined it all ...

I was on my way home from picking Harleigh up from school today (Breeanna was home sick and Eythen does not have preschool on early release days) and what did we just happen to see???  The Eudora Police in ACTION!  Oh yes!!!  This is something Clint would literally stop in the center of the street to watch (he is such a "have to know exactly what is going on" type of person) ... he is gonna be so bummed when he hears what Harleigh and I got to see ... and he was no where to witness it.

I normally just go straight home after I get the kids ... but I had to get some bills mailed off ASAP ... before we had numerous late fees ... so Harleigh and I headed to the post office.  As I was sitting at the stop sign, getting ready to turn the corner, I glanced ahead of me ... and there it was.  Two of the Eudora Police cars had closed in a van ... one was in front of the van and one was behind the van. The passenger door to the van was open and the guy jumped out ... not sure if he was gonna try to run or what ... but that sure would have added to the excitement that Harleigh and I was watchin goin down.  Then ... out of no where ... one cop pulls his gun out and takes the normal "position" that you see people do on tv.  Feet planted on the ground, one foot in front of the other ... arms straight ahead.  HOLY COW!!! 

CRAP!!!  Back to reality ... I am at a stop sign ... and there are cars behind me.  I have my blinker on ... so I HAVE to turn.  I can not "suddenly" take my blinker off and "suddenly" need to go straight.  (Just a little FYI ... that is EXACTLY what Clint would have done.  Blinker off.  Drive straight.) 

DARN IT!!!  Just when the action is getting good.

So ... off to the post office we go ... at a little bit of a fast pace ... "just in case" the action is still going down on my way home.  SO ... as I am approaching the road where the "action" is ... Harleigh and I glance over to see what is going on.  There are more Eudora Police there now ... and the man has his coat/long sleeve shirt off and is in hand cuffs up against the police car.  Oh yeah ... his van is no longer there ... not sure where it disappeared to in the 2 minutes that it took me to get to the post office. 

Anywho ... I am assuming that they drove him off in the cop car ... but just like the last time ... I got to that same exact stop sign and put my blinker on.

Go Eudora Police Department!  Woot!  Woot!  The most action I have ever seen is the police show up at the park that was 2 houses down from us and get after some rowdy teenagers.  And ... oh yeah ... Clint getting pulled over.


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