Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aren't you suspose to be in bed???

Last night, Clint and I were watching the KU vs. Mizzu game.  We had put Eythen to bed around 7:30 ... and come this point in the evening ... it was nearly 8:45.  As Clint and I are cheering on the Jayhawks, we hear a faint "YES!" behind us.  We turn around and see Eythen watching the KU game behind us.  I looked at him ... and said "Come here little man."  As he was walking into the living room, I asked him, "What exactly are you doing ot of bed?"  He replied with, "I just wanted to know the numbers on the tv!  KU wins alot!"  (Meaning ... he wanted to see if KU's number was higher than MU's number.  If it is higher ... he knows that KU is winning.)  So ... just when the little guy was about to get into trouble for getting out of bed ... he said something that won over his Daddy.  Clint just starts grinning from ear to ear.  He looks at Eythen and says, "As good of a reason as that is ... and believe me ... I am glad you want to know if KU is winning or not ... your behind needs to be in bed." 

Who could get mad at the Lil' KU fan?!?!?  Certainly not Clint or I!!!


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