Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am coming with a trash sack ...

Normally when Eythen is taking to long on picking up his room ... I tell him that I am getting a trash sack and throwing away everything that is left on the floor.  Now don't go feeling sorry for the little guy ... Eythen will have been given about 14 zillion times chances to pick up his toys, before I pull the "trash sack card". 

Anyways ... the other night was the same 'ol song and dance.  "Eythen go pick up your room."  "Eythen are you done picking up your room?"  "Eythen how many times do I have to ask you to pick up your room?"  "Eythen!  Seriously!  Pick up your room!"  "Now! Eythen!"  "Eythen what exactly are you doing up there if you are not picking up your room?" 

Now ... after 14 zillion attempts  ... (Yes!  That was 14 zillion times that I asked him to pick up his room ... you may have just lost count or lost your train of thought while you were reading this blog) I pulled the "trash sack card".  Except ... there was a slight problem this time.  I was in the middle of doing 14 zillion things (Yes!  Really!  I was doing 14 zillion things at once!  I am a great multi tasking kind of gal)  ... AND he really DID have some pieces of paper on the floor that were trash.  So when I said, "Eythen, get the trash picked up in your room.  Or I am coming with a trash sack and throwing at all away."  (notice I told him to pick up the TRASH in his room ... not his toys)  He instantly put his hands in the air in an "excited manner" and said, "Great!  That is where trash is suspose to go!  Thanks Mommy!  I am gonna go play then!" 

Shoot!     Eythen 1  Mommy 0     The 5 year old won that round!!!


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