Monday, February 1, 2010

To whom it may concern ...

Dear husband of mine: 

I would like to bring to your your attention, that your work boots that have dirt on them belong outside ... not on the freshly mopped floors. While I am at it ... your plate from dinner belongs in the sink.  Also, the zillion KU hats that you own ... they do not belong at the last place that you took them off at ... they really go in the closet.  Your work clothes go IN the clothes basket ... not NEXT to the clothes basket (crazy I know).  The newspaper does not belong on the kitchen cabinet when you are finished reading it ... it has a place that it goes as well (I know you are just as shocked as I am when I heard about this revulation).  The empty toilet paper roll goes IN the trash can (it does not stay on there until it bio-degrates into the earth) ... and the new roll goes ON the holder (not on the bathroom floor).  That pop can that is empty ... it goes in that large bucket called a trash can. 

I apologize for the mass confusion on this matter ... and am sure that the problems will be addressed in a timely manner.

Much love: The one the only ... The "Cleaning Fairy"

P.S.  It has been YEARS since you gave the "cleaing fairy" a paycheck.  You are really behind on the payment plan.


Dear children of mine: 

Your DS's go in the closet ... not laying at the last place that you played them.  The DS games go IN the case ... not sitting next to the case (it is not ok to blame the "cleaning fairy" for "moving" them when you can not locate those itty bitty squares that they call games).  All of the Wii remotes go on the charger ... not on the floor infront of the tv.  Those little bags of empty fruit chew wrappers go in that large bucket that I keep telling you is called a trash can (let's say it together now ... TRRRRR-AAAAASH CAAAAAAN).  Toothpaste belongs on your teeth ... not on your shirt or the bathroom sink.  Also ... there seems to be a reaccuring event that keeps taking place in the house.  You three seem to be just as misinformed as your Dad at this little tid bit of information.  So I will go over it with you as well.  Your dirty clothes go IN the clothes basket ... NOT on your bedroom floor so you can step over or walk on throughout the week. 

Now that we have the situation addressed ... I am sure we will not have any additional situations come up.

Much Love:  The one that makes sure you are spick and span before you go off to school ... The amazing "Cleaning Fairy"

P.S. The chef asked me to notify you that she can not cook chicken nuggets 7 days a week ... no matter how many times you ask


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