Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank goodness I have these things ...

1.  The smell of pizza through out the house.  Then I know that means I do not have to cook for the day.

2.  Extra Strength Tylenol Rapid Release

3.  4 wheel drive in my SUV on mornings it is snowing and I have to take my kids to school.

4.  Speaking of taking my kids to school ... I am grateful I can take my kids to school in my PJ pants.

5.  When the large bathroom stall is available in the public restrooms.  It is way to hard to keep track of all 3 kids in a bathroom full of adults.

6.  Which leads me to the factor that I am always glad to see public restrooms that have hand sanitizer as well as hand soap for two reasons.
      a.  Long sleeves + hand soap + 1 sink and 3 kids crowded around it  = 3 kids that still have a soapy film on their hands and wet sleeves.  Hand sanitizer is much more convient at times like that!!!

      b.  If the restroom has hand sanitizer, then I do not have to try to dig to the bottom of my purse (while trying to juggle my keys and shopping bags and while telling Eythen to get back here) trying to find the hand sanitizer to spray the kids down with.

7.  There was a key word in #6b ... Over sized purses!!!  Gotta love them!!!

8.  Lip plumping pink lip gloss

9.  Dr. Pepper in a plastic cup full of ice

10. The stand up tanning bed.  My arm pits never seem to tan.

11. Flip flops!!!

12. KU Basketball

13. If you say the word, "KU Basketball" ... then you HAVE to say the name, "Sherron Collins".

14. Taco Bell

15. Tweezers ... what in the world would peoples eye brows look like if we did not have tweezers in the world?

16. My weather radio ... someone has to warn me if a tornado is gonna rip my house away.

17. Scarfs ... they not only keep your neck warm ... but they look cute, too!

18. Boxed wine ... affordable ... and Yummy!!!

19. I think texting is the best invention EVER!!!  Sometimes you wanna tell someone something ... and you just do not wanna bother calling them and going through the "Hi!"  "How are you?" etc.

20. All of those horizontal cushiony things that are around my house to lay down on!!!

21.  Which leads to NAPS!!!

22. DIGITAL CAMERAS!!!  They save me on developing horrible pictures and wasting my film and money.  That little delete button ... is a blessing.

23. Crest White Strips

24. Sweatpants and sweatshirts ... makes the perfect outfit for a stay at home mom in the winter.

25. Rechargable batteries

26. Bounce dryer sheets ... for more than one reason:
          a.  When I am doing laundry, they prevent the clothes from sticking together and sending an electric shock down my body when I am folding them.

          b.  Harleigh's hair!  I wipe down her whole head with one in the morning.  Not only does it make her smell like she just came out of the dryer ... It also prevents the top layer of her hair from standing on end ... as long as she does not make any sudden movement the rest of the day. 

27. Email ... AGAIN ... sometimes you just want to tell someone something and you do not wanna bother calling them going through the whole basic conversation of:  "Hi!"  "How are you?"  "I was just calling because ...".

28. Three simple letters ... D.V.R.

29. CLR cleaner ... that stuff will get ANYTHING clean and shiney!!!

30. TV's in the car ... if you have kids ... I do not even need to explain why this is a bonus.

31. Husbands ... they take out the trash and pump your gas for you when it is cold outside.

32. The invention that prevents husbands from snoring!  Oh wait ... no one has came up with that yet.  *sigh*

33. Unlimited long distance calling

34. Big and Sexy Hair Root Booster

35. Bottled water

36. Homemade sugar cookies with a large amount of frosting on them ... HMMM!!!!

37. Ugg boots ... cozy and cute!!!

38. Debit cards

39. Garage door opener

40. Old Navy


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