Monday, January 4, 2010

Football vs. Basketball

There is two reasons why I love basketball season.
1. Kansas Jayhawks 2. Football is almost over!!!
So ... right off the bat with this blog, you might come to the conclusion that I am not a big fan of football. And well ... you would be correct. Let's just say ... Ummm??? How do I put this polietly without hurting my husbands feelings??? When "Honey Can You Get Me A Beer Season" rolls around ... I ... Well ... Uhhh ... I am just gonna pleed the 5th and say that I do not care for football all that much.
Yes, I have pulled out my "pouty card" and flashed it to Clint on numerous occassions when football has been on the tv ALL day on Sunday. I have even promised some "let's put the kids to bed early" things ... just to avoid that darn thing on the tv ALL freaking day. If this tells you how obsessed my husband is with not only KU football, but football in general ... he proposed on Super Bowl Sunday. Yeah! Try to top that one on the romantic list!!!
So to sum it up ... my marriage is put on hold until halftime during Sundays ... and any other day that football is on. As for tailgating at KU games ... that is a whole nother story in itself. I am pretty sure Clint deep down thinks that tailgating is a sport and if he is not there ubber hours before AND after the game ... the KU football players will not have a CLUE what to do.
Now ... onto KU BASKETBALL!!! Ok ... I will admit it ... I am slighty obsessed with Sherron Collins. JUST A LITTLE BIT!!! But who can blame me?? Remember that shot that was heard all around the world when KU won the National Championship??? The one that Mario Chalmers made!!!??? Well, Sherron Collins was the one that passed him the ball!!! He is the heart of the Kansas Jayhawks, an outstanding point guard, he is the leader for the 2009 -2010 basketball team ... and ok ... he is easy on the eyes as well.
In December we got the chance to take all 3 kids to a KU game (Thanks to my black market, secret service, scalping ticket sister. Kudos to you Janet!!!). All 3 of them have been to a game before ... in fact numerous ones ... but all 5 of us have never been able to go at the same time. This Momma was PUMPED!!!
When we walked into the game ... they had an area for kids to make their own signs ... which I thought was really cool. Breeanna and Harleigh wanted to bust out their artistic side of them ... but the line was HUGE and ... well ... Sherron was waiting on me to find my seat.
I asked Harleigh (aka: Bugs) at half time if she was having fun, and she replied with, "Yeah. I am just watching the clock count down to 0."
I had a thought for a PERFECT sign for Eythen to carry that Sherron was sure to notice ... but Clint convinced me other wise. So Eythen decided to go with GO KU.
I do not really need to tell you about the game ... KU won ... of course. AND they did some ALLI-OOP's!!! My favorite play EVER!!!
... time to load 'em up and head home.


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