Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to the Science Fair ...

I guess this blog should start off with Breeanna's Science Fair. The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students always put on a Science Fair every year for the parents to come and view. Breeanna was SO darn proud of her project ... and the group of girls that was in her group. She could hardly wait till Open House so Clint and I could see what she had been working on. We walk down to the lunch room to view ALL the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders experiments. And lordy be ... there was a TON of them. Then towards the back corner of the lunch room ... there was Breeanna's larger poster board with her "Climbing Color" project. The smile on her face, while she told us all about it, would make any parent smile. AND ... she even got 3rd place!!! Our next stop, at the Open House, was Harleigh's 1st grade area. All of the 1st graders had done "mini experiments". They all made a car out of a milk carton and had a slope in the middle of the 1st graders pod for the student to race them down to show the parents. Harleigh kept "hogging" the slope to show us over and over and over and over and over and over and over ... Are you getting the point yet??? ... and over and over and over ... Oh wait!!! Now Eythen wanted to try out big sister's car out on the slope (please note that other 1st graders were waiting to use the slope as well) ... and over and over and over and over ... Ok Harleigh and Eythen, I think it is someone else's turn to show their parents. * double pouty face*
So that leads me to the next part of my blog ...
A few weeks back, the kids came up the stairs and asked me to close my eyes and walk down the stairs. Each of them grabbed onto my arm and "guided" me down the flight of stairs with my eyes "closed". (Yes ... I was secretly peaking. Put the factor that I am a clutz and trip over air at times and add in 3 excited kids pulling you down a flight of stairs ... that equals a trip to the ER ... and who has the time (or money) for that?!?!? So, you would be peeking, too. Plus, what good would I be if I had a broken arm and leg? How would I make this house run if I had cast on certain body parts? Well ... then again ... maybe would get me out of cooking?!?!? No ... Wait a minute ... Clint would just order take out until I was back in game. Back to reality ....). Ok ... where was I??? Oh yeah ... peaking while I was being pulled down the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs, there was a sign saying ... SCIENCE FAIR with an arrow.
A little farther there was another sign ... WELCOME TO THE SCIENCE FAIR
My 3 little ones made their own Science Fair. They made "inventions" out of tinker toys!!! Shoot ... Breeanna even download songs to the computer ... so there was music during the viewing.
Here are some of their "inventions".
Unfortunately ... I can not tell you what they are suspsose to be. I was suspose to "judge" on who had the best project, but I was not allowed to ask any questions on what they were or how they worked. And since I was the "judge", they made a "grade card" for me to fill out for each project.
In case you are wondering ... it was a 3 way tie with everyone getting an A!!!


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