Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wow the water is warm ...

June 25th, 2007 When you think of summer time . . . you think of swimming lessons . Learing to swim can be scarey but so fun for a kid. I have to admit, that my kids have never been to swimming lessons (until this year). Now cut me a break . . . I have been pregnant nearly every summer since 2001, and for that one summer in between Harleigh and Eythen . . . ummm . .. my rear end was NOT getting in a swimming suit to do the tot lessons. (I know . . bad Mommy ). As for last year and lessons . . nope . . . we were in the process of moving and had no time for it. So this year I enrolled the girls into swimming lessons. No, I did not enter Eythen this year. He is only 2 and had NO desire to even get near the water. He was more interested in watching everyone coming in and out of the pool. (Plus, I was not about to get into a swimmng suit . . .lol! I know! Bad Mommy! ) So, we enrolled the girls in the Indoor Aquatic Center. They had lessons for two weeks. They were both in Level 1. Breeanna put her head under the water the first day (which truthfully surprised me). She as SO proud of herself !!! Then there was Bugs. Boy did she try her hardest to go all the way under. She wanted to so bad, but just couldn't get there all the way. On the last day of lessons, she was still holding her nose and slowly inching her way lower and lower in the water. I was even catching myself holding my breath FOR her. I so badly wanted her to get it . . . but it just did not happen. She felt proud of herself though . . . and that is all that mattered. I thruthfully expected both of the girls to be required to take Level 1 over again. They told us at the beginning that alot of times kids take each level over more than once. So I had already talked to them about taking Level 1 over again to prepare themselves to swim in Level 2. I thought maybe Breeanna would get moved on, but kind of knew that Harleigh Bug would be there one more time. So on the last day, we marched out the door for one more day of lessons. The girls were bummed because it was the last day. We were going to have a "celebration lunch" for completing their first swimming lessons. I am not sure if Harliegh was more excited about eating at McDonald's or going to swimming lessons. The last day they had all the "sprinklers" and "waterfalls" going for the kids to play in. The girls truely had a great time going to it. Eythen really enjoyed watching the bigger kids go in and out of the pool, but towards the last couple of days of the lessons . . . he began to hate walking into the Aquatic Center. He lagged along behind everyone with his head down dragging his feet . Poor E-Man got tired of watching sissies. All in all . . . for their first swimming lessons . . . it was great. Oh yeah . .. BOTH THE GIRLS PASSED and are in Level 2! Although Harleigh cried when she found out because she wanted to keep her swimming lessons teacher that she had . She just thought if she stayed in Level 1 forever, she would always have the teacher that she had. Once she realized it was a good thing to pass . . then she was all grins and giggles about it ! But was sure to ask "Are we going to McDonald's now?"


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