Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boys day out ...

June 15th, 2007

My baby boy is SO into trains. I am not sure how it happened . . . or even when it happened. We did not buy toy trains or even really any books about trains. Somehow, little man Eythen was totally into trains one day. I think our first guess was when he was pushing his large tractor around the coffee table saying "choo choo - all a board". That was our first hint that we needed to listen to our two years olds wishes!

So now (3 months since we realized his love for trains) . . . Eythen has a large collection of Thomas the Train items. He just lights up when he gets one. He starts saying "train train" and jumps up and down. It could be the same train that he got from someone else, but he could not be happier. He will spend HOURS upon end playing with this little Thomas the Train magnetic toys. He just simply loves it. Anyway, back to the point of this blog . . . when we heard that Thomas the Train was going to be 40 minutes from our house . . . we knew we had to get him there. Unfortunately, do to the price per person, this limited it to just Clint and Eythen going.

So last Saturday Clint and Eythen went off to a Father and Son day full of Thomas the Train events. Clint took Eythen, 2 hours before their scheduled train ride, so he could see everything possible. Clint said that Eythen could not stop smiling and saying "Look Daddy, TRAIN!" Clint said that he could hardly keep up with the little two year old's legs. He was everywhere taking it all in. Running from one area of displays to the next. Clint said that there were displays of all the toys available of Thomas the Train. They were sitting up in tents, so kids could watch them and even play with them. There was a tent of toys to buy as well. Of course Daddy spoiled E-Man there! One of the things he did buy Eythen, was Thomas the Train sunglasses . . . which are so funny on him. The got to ride a life size Thomas the Train for 30 minutes. There was Sir Top Hat there that you got to meet as well. Eythen walked right up to him and shock his hand and said "Hi! Sir Top Hat!" He kept walking around saying "Hi Thomas! Bye Thomas!" He just had the time of his life!

All in all, my boys had a great time. This was the first time that Clint got to have a "boys day" with Eythen . . . besides going to Wal-Mart for the afternoon or the park. This was an actual Father and Son moment, that the girls were not tagging along with. My little man is now old enough to do these kinds of things. No stroller anymore, no diaper bag, no planning for nap time around the scheduled event, no tippy cup of juice, no . . . no more baby. He is becoming a little man! Now Clint is so excited to start to do "boy things", with his little man. I think Clint's thought of "guys night out" hanging out drinking beer totally changed in a blink of an eye . . . . now haning out with little E-Man is a much cooler thing to do!

For those of you wondering what the girls and I did while they went to go see Thomas . . . well, we shopped like most girls do! We did what we do best! (I am teaching them at an early age!!! )


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