Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I have realized recently ...

June 11th, 2007

1. Never take life for granit . . . things could change in the blink of an eye. 2. Patience is a hard thing to have when the world is staring at your kid crying in public. 3. Laying in a tanning bed may not be healthy for you . . . but it sure is relaxing. 4. Marriage can end even for the couple you never thought it would. 5. My sister is just as strong as my Mom . . . and that is saying alot! 6. You are never to old to go see Thomas the Train. (Clint discovered this one with Eythen.) 7. Sticking to a diet is the hardest thing when no one is watching! 8. On the other hand . . . you have 5 other finger. 9. Laughter can be the best medicine on a hard day! 10. There is nothing better than just simply making out! 11. Sometimes no matter how hard you try . . . you just can not please everyone! 12. God works in hidden ways. 13. Going to the movies and watching a cartoon is fun even at 30! 14. I never seem to get a break from laundry. Just when I get it all done and put away, it is time to do another load. 15. Men procastinate! 16. Kids are really hyper in the summer time! 17. Bug spray does not keep away all the bugs. 18. Sleeping in is nice, but can become addictive is you allow it. 19. Water is much better to drink in the hot summer than pop! 20. No matter how high the price of gas gets, we still will have to pay for it because we need it. 21. Pain killers do not always get rid of all the pain. 22. My kids are growing up way to fast and there is nothing I can do to stop it. 23. I love to shop . . . even with the credit cards. 24. Wine is really good! 25. I still get home sick. 26. My sister is one of the most beautiful people I know. 27. Clint and I are going to be Aunt and Uncles's again on July 2nd. (Casey and Michelle will be having baby Adyson then!!!) 28. Warm cookies and milk make a GREAT lunch! (so every now and then we do not eat a well balanced meal.) 29. At any age, all you want is your Mom when you are sick. 30. Being a SAHM is way harder than I ever thought it would be. But at the same time . . . it is the most rewarding job I have ever had! 31. My husband is more talented than I EVER thought! (he just built a HUGE deck w/out ANY help). 32. I enjoy using Clint's electric drill when he lets me! 33. I miss my college friends!!! 34. Eythen is so cute with his curly hair and big blue eyes. 35. Harleigh is priceless with her smile and pig tails. 36. Breeanna is a poliete girl who is already melting little boys hearts! 37. I am a rockstar when I sing in the shower! 38. Sometimes life just does not make sense, no matter how hard you try to figure it out! 39. Nothing is better than tailgating in November right before a KU football game (but I would not be sad if I could not go to the game ... and just tailgate!!!)! 40. Eating hotdogs in public makes me think of . . . giving a blowjob. (you will never eat a hotdog again, Janet w/out thinking of me) 41. It always seems to rain after I wash my car. 42. The small of your back is an extremly sexy place on the body. 43. Our friends are like family. 44. Clint likes beer a bit to much! 45. March Madness is the best! 46. Nothing beats a pair of flannel pj pants and an oversized sweatshirt! 47. Clint would sell his soul for season tickets to KU basketball games. 48. No diamond is EVER to big!!! 49. Clint says that work is over rated and underpaid. 50. Nothing is worse than being so drunk that you throw up. 51. Having a beautiful dark green lawn is very rewarding. 52. Clint and I can not live without our Ipods/MP3 player. 53. Magic Erase from Mr. Clean was the best invention ever! 54. Seeing your kids laugh and smile is an amazing feeling. 55. I believe in love at first sight and soul mates! 56. Watermelon makes me think of summer. 57. Clint can not grill unless he has a beer in his hand. 58. Cllint is still a gentleman after being together for 9 years. (he still opens the door for me no matter where we are). 59. Pink makes me think of love. 60. Valentines is the most romantic day of the year . . . next to my Anniversary. 61. Clint and I wish we could travel half as much as his parents get to. (they just went to Boston). 62. Clint finally realized that living in a small town is the way to go. (after making fun of Erie for 9 years). 63. My parents are my heroes. (Clint is my hero, too!) 67. I will love you forever is the best children's book ever wrote! 68. When everything is coming at you, you are in the wrong lane. 69. I wanted to marry a guy just like my Dad when I was growing up, and in alot of ways Clint reminds me of my Daddy. 70. My Mom is one of my bestfriends. 71. No matter how hard I push Clint in the side at night . . . he won't stop snoring! 72. Eudora is going to be a great town to raise our kids in. 73. It scares me how many "sicko's" there are in life anymore. (why would anyone ever wanna hurt a child? ) 74. Christmas is a time for family . . . and there is no place like home for the holidays. 75. In real life, there is no backspace button. . 76. Never regret anything, because at one time it was just what you wanted. 77. Clint is bringing sexy back . . . because it is in style! 78. I am not sure who reads my blogs, but I really wish they would leave a comment at the end of it so I knew who all my readers were. 79. Everything happens for a reason! I TRUELY believe that! 80. I try to read to my kids every single day. 81. I can not wait to have my SUV loan paid off (even though it is still awhile). 82. Cellphone's are a must have anymore. 83. I love with all that I have. 84. I sometimes wonder if I am being the best Mom that I can be, and that scares me if I am failing at it. 85. I snort when I laugh, and Clint laughes at me everytime I do it. 86. Those who laugh last think the slowest . . . well, that is me. I am normally laughing at the joke 5 minutes after it is said. 87. Clint says that I am his bestfriend ... and that is a wonderful feeling!!! 88. I think 30 is the new 20!!! 89. Who ever said that happiness equals sunshine never kissed and danced in the rain! 90. Catching lighting bugs is kind of hard. 91. I like to sleep in the middle of the bed. (sorry Clint) 92. I can hardly wait to get a boob job!!! 93. No matter how many girls get together . . . labor stories will always be told. 94. Clint and I are going to renew our wedding vows at some point in timw. 95. I always wish on stars!. 96. I dream in full color and normally remember my dreams. 97. Loving someone means giving them your heart and trusting them not to break it. 98. I will be sure my kids get to Disney World before they are adults. I promise that. 99. Breeanna, Harleigh and Eythen are the best kids ever! 100. I love Clint with all of my heart, soul and being!!!


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