Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our little MVP ...

June 8th, 2007 Well, here I am blogging about Breeanna again . . . but she has just hit so many stepping stones in life recently! Can you imagine what my blogs are going to be like when I have ALL THREE in school! Clint and I are just so darn proud of them . . . does it show? This past week, Breeanna had volleyball camp. It was for Eudora kids that were in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes. She went from Monday to Thursday for a little over two hours every morning. She attended volleyball camp last year when we lived in Emporia and could hardly wait for camp to start this year. I have to say . . . Eudora was a WHOLE other league than Emporia. At Emporia, she used beach balls and had more "recess time" than "camp time". At Eudora, she used real volleyballs. The nets where the normal height. They learned how to bump, set, spike and serve. Shoot, their last day of camp they had an actual game of 6 on 6! But my baby girl was hitting it over the net without a single problem. I really wish Clint could have been there to see her. He would have been so proud to see her so thrilled about a sport! (Clint lives for the time his kids play sports!!! ) Any who . . . as the camp was coming to an end, they passed out certificates to all the kids for "completing" the camp. Each kid got to run down a row of coches to give them all high fives before they got their award paper. The kids were laughing and cheering as everyone went. (There were about 60 kids at the camp.) Then Coach Stiller said she had one special award to give out to one kid. I kind of turned my attention back to Harleigh and Eythen to tell them to sit down and we would be done in a minute . (They were really begining to loose interest by this point .) Next thing I know I hear them say "Breeanna Moore". WHAT! HUH! Breeanna got what? WOW!!! MY BABY won the award! Wait a minute . . . I was busy pulling Harliegh and Eythen down from the bleachers . . . I have NO idea what she just won! So as Breeanna walks up to the front, the Coach holds onto her shoulder and tells everyone that Breeanna won the MVP of camp. She was an all around good server, passer, team player, and good sport no matter what. I about fell OFF the bleachers! My little 5 year old won the MVP out of 60 kids! Not to mention some of the kids were 8 years old! WOW!!! Little "Smiley" (that is the nickname the coaches gave her.) is growing up right before our eyes! So Clint, I think you found your first sport that Breeanna was truely into!


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