Thursday, July 23, 2009

How many kids are coming ...

June 3rd, 2007 June 2nd at 11:00, Clint and I had Breeanna's 6th birthday party. Her birthday is not really until July 23rd, but since she wanted the kids in her kindergarten class to come . . . we sent out the invites when school ended, and decided to have it early (before summer vacations began for families). She sent an invite to all 20 of the kids that were in her class. She truely thought that all of them would be attending, so we had to keep telling her that not everyone would be able to make it. But she would reply with "But I gave them an invite, so they will be here." or "But she/he told me that they would be coming to my party." Clint and I truley expected about 5 or 6 kids to come. Lordy . . . we had 16 kids running around here. They just kept coming in the front door. Everytime I turned around, a different kid was in the mix. Do parents not know what "please RSVP" means? Seriously! Any Who . . . it turned out great for her. Her theme for her party was "soccer". And any of you that know me well enough, know that I LOVE to plan and I am ALL about themes!!! If it had soccer on it, I had found it! I put alot of time and heart into her party and wanted her to have a great time. We had the blow up castle (like a moon walk) going in the backyard, as well as the trampoline and swingset. I also had games organized and ready to go (YES ORGANIZED). Clint did the pinata which the kids thought was great! Good thing no one got knocked out with the bat is all I have to say!!! We even fed them lunch (which was a HUGE waste of food!!! Boy did I learn my lesson on parties as they get older! DO NOT SERVE FOOD WHEN THE PARENTS ARE NOT STAYING!!!) Finally . . . after THREE hours, all the kids were gone! I was beat! Clint, and a family friend, began on the beer as the last kid left! The kids were needing naps! My house was trashed! The backyard looked like a tornado went through it! I had sprinkles for the cake EVERYWHERE! There were candy wrappers everywhere you looked! Strings from the pinata were in the bathroom (uhh? how in the world did they get there)? There were enough plastic cups on the deck for a party of 80! The basement had toys everywhere (how and when did kids get by me and in the basement)! The girls room had My Little Ponies on EVERY inch of the floor (I do not remember saying a kid could go to the girls bedroom)! But ALL of it was worth it, when she looked at Clint and I and said "I had the BEST time today!" So to our 6 year old (well, soon to be 6 year old) . . . here is to MANY more PLANNED, ORGANIZED, and THEMED birthday parties!!! Hang in there Harleigh . . . your party will be here before you know it, baby girl!


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