Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is this world coming to???

Saturday, July 21, 2007 I can remember the exact moment that I heard about 9/11. Clint called me on the phone and asked me if I had turned the tv on yet. Breeanna was barely over 1 month old, and I had not even gotten dressed (let alone turned on the tv). I remember grabbing onto her and never wanting to let go . I remember feeling scared , confused , angry , sad , and most of all vunerable to the outside world. I did not want to hang up the phone with Clint either . . . if he was on the other end of the phone then I knew he was safe . I kept staring at the tv, with Breeanna clutched in my arms, and the phone up tight to my ear with tears falling down my face. All I wanted at that moment, was for Clint to have me and Breeanna in his arms . As the day went on, and my thoughts began to turn into total fear . . . I remember praying to God. I cried and prayed all day and never let Breeanna out of my sight. I remember it, like yesterday. I can recall those feeling of pure terror . Clint and I just brought this little girl into the world . . . and the world was beginning to fall apart . Why did I do this to little Breeanna? Why did the terrorists do this to MY daughters counrty? What kind of world was I going to be bringing her up in? What was going to happen next? I remember going to bed for at least 3 weeks with CNN on the tv . . . I was to scared to turn it off, for fear that something would happen. Now, nearly 6 years have roled on and 1000's of people have died fighting for MY childrens safety . . . I am still as confused , scared , angry and sad , as I was that very moment when I heard what happened on 9/11. Clint and I sat on the couch, this past Thursday, watching a segment on CNN about a "potential" threat to the USA (again). This time the terriorest are "believed" to be plotting on the children in the US. WHAT! Are you freaking kidding me! NO WAY! I sat there staring at the tv in disbelief. The tv station stated that it is "believed" that they are going to take over many schools in one day and do HORRIBLE things to children in the US. It is also "believed" that terriorist are trying to become bus drivers and over take that area as well. Clint and I sat there in silence after the segment was done on CNN. I had tears falling down my face and as I looked at Clint . . . he had a look of confusion on his face . MY kids are at risk now just by going to school. School is suspose to be a "safe place" for kids to learn and have fun . . . . but now it is a place for a "potential" threat. This makes me angry beyond believe . . . and so very scared and terrified at the same time. So I guess what I am trying to say is . . . What is this world coming to?


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