Thursday, July 23, 2009

The man is good with his hands ...

July 7th, 2007 A year ago Clint and I picked up our family and moved to Eudora. We were both so nervous about "making" it. Could we survive with me not working? What about our house payment that was triple what ours was in Emporia? Finding a new doctor, leaving old friends , Clint begining a new job away from his Dad (that he worked next to for 9 years), learning our way around the area, nothing being "familar" anymore, new neighbors . . . would this be the right decision. After being here a year now . . . Clint, the kids and I could not be happier. This past year has flown by and it our "Home Sweet Home". Clint has amazed me in more ways than one in our new house. I mean, when we remodeled our "hole in the wall" house in Emporia . . .Clint and his Dad did it. But, nothing like what he has acomplished here! We bought a brand new home in a new subdivision in Eudora. When we walked in this house . . . we needed more space. Three kids in the house . . . I needed somewhere for them to go! The first thing Clint had on his "honey do list" was a privacey fence in our backyard. (This way the kids could not get away from me even if they tried! ) My Dad came down to help for a day, but Clint did the rest of it on his own. He knocked it out in a week (doing it here and there after work). Clint's next project was the basement. HIS territory. ALL his KU things would FINALLY have a place to go and I promised not to "move them" when he was not looking! Clint put his heart and sole into working on the basement. I did not see him for MANY nights after work . . . OR weekends. It took all his time. He did EVERYTHING from the laying out the design (an additional bedroom, playroom for the kids, "mini" bar, bathroom, laundry room, and entertainment room) wiring of the cable, phone, plug ins, studding up the walls, sheet rock, plumbing (of course ), and everything else that I have NO idea about . . . . I could not believe what I was seeing form right before my eyes. I knew Clint was talented, but I had NO idea that he could do all of this. Every night after he was done, he would show me his progess. How did he know how to do all of this? I had a surprise playing around in my head for Clint. He had always wanted a projector . . . you know those MONSTER walls of tv's that you see normally in a sports bar. He had always wanted one, and I knew he actually had a place to use it now . . . (besides the side of the house that he always joked about using) so I got him one for completing the basment, along with stadium recliner seating. The kids think they are at the movie theater when we turn on a movie. Clint could live in his stadium recliner. I am just so darn proud of him for completing such a project. Yeah for Clint!!! (that is the cheerleader side of me coming out . . . ) But wait . . . my man is NOT done yet! He then built an additional deck outside! When we bought the house, there is a upper deck coming out of our kitchen sliding doors. But Clint had bigger and better ideas . Memorial Day weekend, Clint built a HUGE lower deck that connects to the upper deck. He had never built anything like this before. He just went to Home Depot and figured it out. I have to admit that I HATE going to Home Depot with Clint . . . the man could live in there if they provided a place to sleep. BUT . . . while Cint was in Home Depot figuring out the way to build a deck . . . I discovered his next project! We are going to redo our main bathroom!!! After all . . . the man is good with his hands!


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