Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is going on ...

Thursday, August 30, 2007 What is this world coming to? What are people thinking? Yet again . . . what are kids thinking? What makes people act this way? Just where do these ideas and thoughts come about in ones head? Why would one even want to act, think, or do these things? I use to think this was a safe and secure world for me and my loved ones. I use to never worry about harm coming my way. I use to think that everyone was happy and loved in this world. I believe that I was nieve to the "real world" for a very long time (probably longer than most). I think I lost my "innoncence" when I was 24 and 9/11 happened. Maybe that is the "small town" "good" "caring" and "girl next door" attitude that I have always had. Maybe that is why it took me until I was 24 to realize that this world is not so safe as I use to believe it was. Maybe when I was a kid the world was safer and more secure . . . maybe that is why I never realized the harm and danger that so many of us are experiencing now a days. What has happened to the world that has made bomb threats something that people do to schools, land marks, and large public areas? What has made the world turn against one another that we have other nations putting threats on our lives (as well as our children's lives)? What exactly happened that made people "think" and "plot" out kidnapping, robbery, murder and rape? When did it get so bad that other kids think it is ok to hurt other kids with bomb threats, guns, and other every day objects they turn into weapons? Who is to blame for all this violence in the world? Last year Breeanna had a bomb threat in her kindergarten school. Gezzz, we moved to this "small town" because well . . . it is a "small town". Today, my Mom's school that she teaches at had a death threat. Some kids wrote on the bathroom walls yesterday "Kids Kill Kids". Today the area said "Kids Die Today". This is an even smaller school than where Breeanna goes! I went there for grade school/junior high. I had 12 kids in my class. This was NOT something that ANYone thought about when I was a kid. Now some kid thinks it is funny to "threaten" other kids . . . or even worse . . . they actually plotted out what they wanted to do and were going to do it. Yet again, last week some of Breeanna's 1st grade classes (their are 6 1st grade classes) had SIX kids do something so severe that they suspended SIX 1st graders for ONE week! All the school told the parents was that "the situation was taken care of and the students were safe and sound". Needless to say, that did not give me much "security", but little innoncent Breeanna had NO idea what even happened. All she knew was that 1 girl from her class could not come back to school for awhile. (Great . . . 1 of the 6, is in her class . . . sigh!). Even Clint went through a lock down on his job site this summer. Someone was spotted walking around with a gun around his job site and they all immediately went on lock down. Huh???!!! My oldest daughter, my husband AND my Mom have all been "put out there" at someone elses thoughts, decisions, actions and outcomes. It all scares me. My kids are my life as well my husband! Not to mention my parents and baby sister. It was just beginning to reach closer and closer to my home and family . . . now the "wack jobs" and "wack a do's" in this world are effecting my family and loved ones. I just do not understand how the world went from playing in the backyard with no fence when I was a kid . . . to the schools being on lock down from bomb threats and threats of death. What happened? When did it happen? How can it be stopped?


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