Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, September 13, 2007 I am blogging about my husband . . . I am not mad at him, upset with him, angry at him, we did not have a fight and I need to vent, he did not do something stupid and I wanna complain about it, he did not do something mean that I wanna get even with. (although blogging would be a great way to vent if these things did happen!!! ) I am blogging about him, because he is so busy at work right now that I really miss him. I am blogging about Clint, because instead of being sad about not seeing him lately . . . I am going to brag about him!!! My Clinton, I am not sure if we are coming or going half of the time lately. He goes to work at 6:30 am and is suspose to be off by 3:30. But lately . . . that is just not the case. He is in charge of the plumbers that are doing the new football locker room for the Kansas Jayhawks (I would not call it a locker room though when it has everything in it that this "locker room" is going to have in it . . . I would call it a spa retreat personally!!! ). Unfortunately, he is working ALOT of overtime and is EXTREMLY stressed out about it all. Half of the time, he is not getting home until the kids and I have had supper and the kitchen is clean; except for his plate that is sitting on the stove. Other times, the kids are in bed and I am lounging in front of the tv by the time he gets home. Of course, there are days, that we are literally passing him as we are heading out the door to one of the kids activities that they have. So needless to say . . . . the kids miss their Daddy and I miss my hubby! Even though he is extremely stressed out about the job at this moment: some of the looser guys that he has working for him, the Union telling him one thing and then KU telling him another, supplies not arriving when they should, inspections one minute going right and the next not . . . and other "plumbing lingo" that I have no idea about but still feel his stress and anxiety over it all. Even though with all the things that have gone a bit off track, there are so many rewarding things that have fallen into place for Clint since he decided to switch to the Union. He has only been at Huxtable/Union 441 since last December. He now has a company truck, company cell phone, pay raise, became a foreman (the highest you can become at a job site for Clint's area of profession), met some GREAT people (ones that I totally approve of!!!), and got chosen for the job he is on now (the KU football field). He never got the respect he deserved when he worked at Burnaps in Emporia. I could go and name names of the jerks that treated him like he was 18 and late every day . . . (they never realized that he grew up, got married, had 3 kids, took his Journeyman test AND passed, and then took his Masters test AND passed all before he was 27) . . . but I am not wasting my breath on jerks like that!!! I just hope that those select few jack asses at Burnaps are NOW regretting EVER letting Clint go! (What goes around comes around!!! ) But Clint has proven himself in 8 short months with the place he is now working at now. . . (he worked at Burnaps for 9 years!!!) and NOW he gets the respect that he deserves, and I am honored to see him shine!


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