Thursday, July 23, 2009

That yucky feeling ...

Sunday, February 04, 2007 So my baby girl, Breeanna has the flu. My poor baby. She has a fever of 102, which has made her littls cheeks all rosey and red. She has that "look" in her eyes. You know, the one that just says "I can not even move because every inch of me aches".

So Clint went to Lawrence to get her a bunch of movies and a milk shake (by her request). I tucked her in her top bunk all tight and cozy. She has a cup with Spite next to her. She is in her favortie pajamas. Her hair is pulled back out of her face. And she has her pink "blankie" snuggled up next to her.

Why is it when we are sick, even as audlts, all we want is our Mommy's. Mommy's are what makes us feel better. Mommy makes that "icky" feeling not so bad. Mommy is the one that knows exactly what to do. I know even to this day when I am sick, I tell Clint "I want my Mommy", in that voice that would make anyone feel sorry for you. I guess there is just something about a Mommy that makes all the bad go away no matter how old we get in lfe.


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