Thursday, July 23, 2009

I don't get it ...

Friday, February 09, 2007 I don't get how you are suspose to fold fitted sheets? They never seem to fold all nice and neat! I don't get how I can memorize words to every song known to man, but still have to count on my fingers. I don't get that no matter how careful you are at eating spaghetti, it STILL gets all over your face. I don't get why poeple line their rear window of their car beanie babies. I don't get beanie babies, period! I don't get why some people have a handi cap sign in their car, but you see them walking to their car with not a problem in the world . . . . and then take the handi cap sign off their rear view mirror when they get in their vechile. I don't get why sweatpants are not sexy. I don't get why the good things in life (like chocolate) are full of fat and the gross foods are healthy for you. I don't get why men say "Yeah, we are pregnant with our 2nd child". HUH? Last I knew the girl was the one carrying the extra weight up front and going to give birth while the guy just stood there. I don't get why the more alcohol one drinks the hotter they think they are each time they look in the mirror. I don't get why seeing someone else fall down is so darn funny. I don't get how some people have never snorted when they have laughed. I think that means they have never truely laughed. I don't get adults that carry around purses that have cartoon charters on them. I don't get why there are suddenly no matches for some socks once they come out of the dryer. They were there when I put them in. I don't get why your kids don't talk when you want them to, but choose to repeat things that you had NO idea that they heard you say. I don't get how anyone got ahold of someone before cell phones. I don't get what happened to Saturday morning cartoons? They sure are not worth waiting all week for Saturday to come and getting up at 6 am anymore. Are their even cartoons on or just "teen" shows?


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