Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just my husband and I ...

February 12th 2007 Couple time . . . it is so few and in between. When it does happen the time seems to fly by and before you know it you are "Mommy and Daddy" again. Having kids is the MOST rewarding job in the world. They make you smile, laugh, and remember that you do not have to color in the lines all the time. Kids teach you to stop and breath in the fresh air, to sit on the porch to look at the stars, and to catch fireflys again. There is nothing more rewarding and outstanding than having children bless your lives. Unfortunately, you forget how to be a coulpe along the way. The every day things: laundry, dishes, bathes, picking up toys, paying the bills, getting super on the table, working to provide for the family; over take you and you become two people passing in the hallway sometimes and do not have a spare second to say "hello", because two kids are fighting, someone fell down and hurt themselves, or the millions of books that need to be read or games to be played out weigh the "hellos" and conversations that you are missing out on between each other. Then when the kids are in tucked bed, the dishes are done, the house is spotless (until 8 am when the kids head out for another round), and laundry is put away . . . you sink into bed with a sigh (you know that sigh . . . the one that says "AHHH . . . the day is over!!!), you close your eyes, and another day passes without that "hello" between the two of you . Well, this weekend was different for Clint and I. We got to be a couple again. We got to answer to "Clint" and "Jill" not "Mommy" or "Daddy". We got to go out to eat at a REAL restaurant, not McDonalds. We got to walk around holding hands with each other, not a kid in between us wanting them to swing them as we walk. We got to sit DOWN TOGEHTER to watch a movie, not fighting for a spot on the couch with the kids to watch Sponge Bob. We even got to laugh at stupid things we did, not Harleigh winking at strangers or Breeanna singing at the top of her lungs or Eythen saying "Oh Tay". I can not tell you the last time that Clint and I just walked togther in the park holding hands, or the last time we laughed so hard that we could not even breath, the last time we talked to catch up each other. It was well needed and so worth it. Although, by Sunday morning . . . when we woke up and it was totally silent in the house, we were SO ready to go get our kids back to have "us" back to normal. Because "us" is not complete unless there are five of "us".


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