Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cloudy days ... love it!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007 Ok . . . this is my favorite kind of day! Cloudy! It is perfect weather. It is just cool enough to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Love it! Although I enjoy snowy weather even more, but those days seem to be far and in between now a days that I will take a cloudy day, any day! One thing though, who in the world is reading this besdies my loyal reader, Hilary (lol). I had 49 people read my blog the other day and there is just no way that that many people care about my "stay at home Mommy" life! So who are all you people? Seriously, who are you? Last night I practiced Breeanna's words with her that she is learning in kindergarten. We even read some books. I went to go get one book for her called "I like". When I suggested that we read that book, she looked at me and said "that is ok, I don't need it. See . . . " "I like apples. I like pears. I like carrots." The little pistol memorized the book. Made me laugh. My baby girl. Harleigh completely has a new bestfriend, the puppy Lucy. She carries her everywhere, she dresses her, reads to her, and wants her to sleep and go everywhere with her. This is the best thing we could have ever gotten the kids! Well worth the bill for the next two years that we have to pay on little Lucy! Eythen's new obsession is a huge flashlight. He carries it everywhere. He will shine it in your face and say "I SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU!" Oh the amount of money we have spent on batteries already. Cheep entertainment though! The big news for Eythen is that he is getting a "big boy" bed offically tonight(a twin size bed). He has been in a toddler bed since he was 14 months old, but we have been holding off on buying a new bed since we moved here in case we needed the money for some emergency for the house or something. But tonight is the night! My baby boy is no longer a baby! (Well, first we need to get this potty training thing down before he is offically a big boy I guess.)


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