Thursday, July 23, 2009

The donut snatcher ...

January 23rd, 2007 Ok . . . So I have this 2 year old, right! Well, I know I have blogged about this little "angle" before, but he is just a cute little boy with big curls and huge blue eyes disguisted as a little dickens! After school I took the kids to go get Krispey Keme donuts. Yeah, I am not really sure if I went more for myslef or them. I will admit that. But any who, I went and got a dozen. I figured they could have one after school and one for an evening snack. That still left one for mornng (if I did not eat them first. lol) We got home and Harliegh and Eythen wanted theirs right away. Breeanna wanted to wait awhile for hers because she just had kindergarten snack time. Harliegh is taking her time eating hers and laughing at Breeanna while Eythen ate his in 3 bites. (Ok, maybe not really 3 bites, but you would think so if you sat there and watched him.) He instantly headed to the box that I had on the counter, reaching up for it. I told him "No we are going to wait for later to have another one." About 40 minutes later, Harliegh asked if she could have another one. I told her "Ok, but there was not gong to be another one this evenng for their night time snack." She nodded at me and I told her to grab one for Eythen while she was there. Once again, Eythen ate this one in record time. He did just what he did the last time after he ate it as well, he went straight back to the counter to the box. I said "No" and walked over to the counter and pushed it all the way back. I went back to the couch (Oprah was on! NEVER miss Oprah!). I kept a close eye on Eythen. He kept staring at the box, then at me, the box, me, box, me. He then turned around, staring straight at me and began to head down the hall (still turning his head to look at me with this "grin" on his face). About 30 seconds later, here comes Eythen with one of his chairs from his room. He is grunting as he is carrying it. No way. He is not about to do what I think he is! Is he? No! Ummm . . . yeah! Staring at me nearly the whole time as he is passing me in the livng room he makes a bee line for the cabinet. Sits the chair down. Looks at me, the box, me, the box, me. He steps up on the chiar and reaches his little hand as far as it will go and grabs the corner of the box and pulls it towards him. I just sat there wondering if he only had some sort of speical hearing. You know like the whistles that only some animals could hear. Was that it? He looked at me and I shook my head no at him. He smiled, titled his head, and as fast as he could, he threw one on the floor for Lucy (our dog) then "double fisted" two donuts and got down from the chair lightening fast. Walked past me THIS time not "noticing" that I was sitting right there. Ok, so the rest of the story we will not share. Let's just say . . . No one wound up with the donuts because they were not eatible by the time it was all said and done. Oh my little E-Man. The patient tester. The "It seemed like a good idea at the time" kid. The "Blame my sister" child. The kid that is so darn cute, that you forget that you are mad at him 2 minutes later.


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