Thursday, July 23, 2009

I will look back on this and laugh ...

January 11, 2007

Ok . . . . How it happened, I do not know. Why it happened, I do not know. When exactally it happened, I do not know.

Let me start at the beginning. I was back in Clint's & my room folding laundry. I was folding back by the bathroom because our new puppy likes to drag the clothes off & I was tired of chasing her all over to get back a piece of clothing. Harleigh & Eythen were watching Dora the Explorer (or so I thought). Harleigh came into my room and said "Mommy, Eythen just colored on the wall." I told her that I would be there in a second. In my head, I thought he got one of the crayons out and scribbled on the wall. Nothng big. Nothing to rush into the living room for. He was 2, he could not do that big of damage. It could wait until I was done folding the laundry, right!? WRONG!!!

I walked out of our room heading down the hallway when I spotted it . . . the CANVAS of markers ON MY HALLWAY!!!! Oh yeah!!!!! Both sides covered just high enough to wear they could not reach it anymore. (I say "they" because I found out later that Harleigh was part of the "master plan".) I stood there in shock. Then at the end of the hallway I spotted Eythen admiring his artwork IN THE LIVING ROOM!!! Oh yeah!!! My walls in the living room were done just as high as his little hands could stretch up to. I turned to my left and my FRIG even got a color job to it!

I just sat down on the floor shaking my head. The tears started to fill up in my eyes. Why would my son do this? Hadn't I taught him better than this. Yeah, he is only 2, BUT he is taught better than this. Or so I thought. I looked up to Harleigh rubbing my shoulder saying "I only colored the little picture of the cheeseburger over there. Eythen did ALL the rest." I looked over at Eythen and he was pointing to his "art work" saying "No No!!!!!" I looked at him and said "You think?"

I then noticed Eythen taking off down the hall. He turned around to look at me & said "Tome Heeere!" I got up & followed him. We got into the girls room & there it was! OH YEAH!!!! More art work. My brand new freshly painted walls were now a 2 years olds canvas.

I just could not control the crying by then. I called Clint, but only gasp of air would come out. (Let me remind you that his new place of employment DOES NOT go for phone calls during work.) Finally when I got it out, & told him, he said "Ok, I will call you later." I am not sure what I thought would happen by me calling Clint. Did I actually think a 2 year old would know that I was calling "Daddy"? Did I think that would put some fear in him. Uhhhh . . . . NO! He just kept pointing at it saying "No NO!!!"

Clint called me when he got off of work & asked if my tears had stopped falling. Then he laughed & said "How many Magic Erase's do I need to buy."

Ok, so it all came off, but my walls do look horrible. Where we (as well as Eythen & Harleigh) scrubbed the walls, there are smears. Almost like, the top layer of nice new paint was taken away. Who ever did invent these Magic Erase things needs a noble prize from the Mom Society. Seriously! They are amazing. But to inventor of them, can they make some sort of Magic Erase thing that will wipe away the terrible two's?. Now there is an idea!!!


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