Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our newest family member ...

January 2nd, 2007

Well, after 8 years of Clint telling me that he wants a dog. And then the kids tugging at our heart for the past year. I caved in and welcomed a new member into this family.

We went to the pet store, Pet Land, in Olathe today. I knew once we walked in we would not be walking out without some sort of pet to join our cat, Felix. The dogs sure were cute! Harleigh of course, wanted them all. She was going crazy just looking at them. Eythen was drawn to a huge Lab. He kept tapping the window saying "Hey Tuppy! Hey Tuppy!" The dog would put his paw on the glass and Eythen would just laugh. Breeanna was drawn to this little rat looking mut of a dog. (poor thing was not cute) We narrawed it down to two of them (that we could afford! Who charges $2000 for a dog!) and they put the girls into a little room to see how they interacted together. They were jumping on Harleigh and licking her. They chased her in a circle. Breeanna got out and wanted to check out the hamsters and bunnies. Eythen was still entertained with the large dog. After 45 minutes of deciding which one would be the best for our family, Harleigh chose a little black dog with huge curls called a "Snoodle" (part something and part tea cup poodle). The sale associate was wonderful with the kids. She took them around the whole store and told them what they needed to pick up to take care of our new pet. They carried all the items around and thought they were really cool for being "big" kids and "buying" the items.

While we were waiting for the adoption process, Harleigh decided that she also wanted fish and Breeanna wanted hamsters. (No we did not come home with them, too!) As we were walking out with our new puppy, the girls both decided on the name, Lucy. She is as cute as can be. (She is asleep right now. ahhh) When we were getting the kids in their car seats, Harleigh asked if she could hold, Lucy. As Clint is handing Lucy to Harleigh, Harleigh says "Well where is Breeanna and Eythen's puppy?" Clint told her that Lucy was all of our puppy and she says "No she is mine. Where is there's?" We had to laugh over that one.

So there you have it. When I married Clint I promised that we would never have a dog. I am not a dog person. They scare me. But three kids later, who am I to say no to them having something so innocent and important in their lives. I have a friend who had a dog named, Molly. She had that dog from her childhood and it just passed away about 8 months ago. She told me that Molly was there for her through everything and I could see how much that dog meant to her. I pictured my kids with such an important aspect in their life and knew I could not say no to my babies. Plus, I think Harleigh batted her eyes long enough to Clint that he could not take breaking her heart another day.


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