Thursday, July 23, 2009

A lil' family get away ...

July 24th 2007

Clint and I made a promise to the kids, that we would take them somewhere this summer on a little summer vacation. We went on a little vacation when Breeanna was 1 and a 1/2 and Harliegh was a 7 months old, but we have not gone anywhere since Eythen was added to the family (over night that is).

The second Clint got home on Friday we loaded up and headed to Kansas City (which is now only 20 minutes from where we live . . . lol . . . not that far of a drive for a vacation!) As we were pulling out of the drive way, Breeanna said "I am going to be patient and not ask how much longer is it going to be." Clint and I glanced at each other and chuckled, knowing we would be there in a blink of an eye. Sure enough, once we got into Kansa City, Breeanna said "It sure does pay off to be patient! That was fast!"

We stayed at the Embassey Suites (as usual) . . . if you are ever going anywhere with kids, this is the place to go! It has a living room along with the bedroom, and it serves a full breakfast (from eggs, toast, pancakes, etc) I truthfully think the kids had more fun on the elevator and picking out what they wanted for breakfast than anything else! lol We went to Build A Bear, road the carasel, ate at the Crayon Factory, shopped at the Crayon Factory, watched a water show, saw a puppet show, walked around Crown Center, went to Kalidascope, played at FUN 2 3 4, watched a movie and went to Chuckie Cheese (where Clint won 300 tickets on his own . . . he was more of a kid in there than my OWN kids!). Clint also took Eythen to "happy hour" down in the motel. Clint got a beer and Eythen got a root beer (so cute to see that) and they sat there and ate popcorn.


All in all, it went way to fast, but the kids had a wonderful time. And, my point to this blog is, that kids grow up way to fast. Our vacation was not much, but the kids had a great time and we now have added some memories to their childhood! I love my family!

Since Clint works for the Union, he does not get paid time off, so we had to go over a weekend. We decided to head to Kansas City and spend some time there doing things with the kids. The kids were SO excited and truthfully Clint and I could not wait to just "get away" as well.


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