Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harleigh Jene

December 29th 2006

Oh Bugs. My crazy little four year old. You have most definately made us laugh so many times we have lost count! You were baby girl number 2 in this family. Your Daddy and I bought you brand new things so you would not have a single hand-me-down (even though your big sister was only 13 months old when you wer born).

On October 22 at 7 in the morning you were born into this family by c-section. You were a good pregnancy. I was at work every day and worked up to the day you arrived. You were a blessing in so many ways. Breeanna was certain that you were her new little doll that we brought home.

Bugs, I love your huge dark brown eyes, how your hair is crazy in the morning, how you call Eythen "little buddy", your unbelievable love for animals, watching you look at yourself in the mirror when you do not think anyone is watching, when you do a thumbs up to us while winking, how you can stay entertained for hours with your Polly Pockets, how independent you are in life, your smile when you are trying SO hard to be extra sweet, when you have pig tails in your hair with big bows on each side, your innocent voice, when you skip, how when we take you to the KU football games you only care about the cheerleaders, when you say "Let's get out of here", when I tuck you in and you whisper "I love you" to me, when you do not want to do something you plain and simply say "not right now", how you want to get a nose ring just like Mommy, and kissing your chubby little cheeks and you laughing about it.

Bugs, you amaze me in little ways. For expample how you one day told me that this is my collar bone. What! You know where your collar bone is but you sometimes thin there is a "z" in your name. You are so smart and loveable that Daddy and I can not get enough of you. You simply make everyone smile.

Harleigh you have brought just what we needed into this family; never a dull moment! You are our middle baby girl and NOTHING will ever replace the special place you have in our hearts. You are one of a kind and they broke the mold when God made you. Mommy and Daddy love you, Bugs!


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