Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girls Night ...

March 16th, 2007 So "girls night" use to have a different meaning to me. It use to mean that me and my girlfriends would head out for for a night out at the bars. We would score free drinks, laugh, flirt and dance out booty off. Oh how times have changed. Now my "girls night" is so much more worth while. My "girls night" is better than a night at the bar anytime! It is just me and my girls this weekend. No boys are in the house at all. Just three girls all by ourselves. We went to the Kansas CIty Mall and went to Build A Bear. What an experience that was. The girls' eyes lit up when we walked in. You would have thought they were in Cinderella's castel the way their eyes were taking it all in. They made the bears and named them (Sally and Ariel). Each one picked out an outfit for their bears and had the time of their life. When we walked out, Breeanna just hugged me a said "Thank you Mommy for taking us." Harleigh chimed in with "You are the best Mommy Ever!!!" How could that not bring a smile to your face?!?!?! We had supper at the food court and sat there and talked for about an hour. It was so fun. We laughed and giggled over everything. I felt just as much like a kid as they were. We even shopped in some stores and tried things on. I finally had my little shoppers hanging with me. No stroller. No diaper bag. No carrying someone after 5 minutes because they were tired. My little girls were not so little in my eyes anymore (which is kind of sad for me). We each picked out a piece of candy at the candy store and sang at the top of our lungs on the drive home. So as you can see, "girls night" has a new meaning to me. One that has forever replaced the old meaning in my heart. One that will forever make me choose a trip to Chuckie Cheese or Build a Bear over a bar night ANY night!!! Thanks for my "girls night" Breeanna and Harleigh!


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