Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are you kidding me ...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ok . . . this being sick thing is for the birds. My family can not seem to get rid of it. It totally sucks. My poor little Breeanna seems to get hit by it the worse. She missed a full week of school in January. All she ever had was a fever. Never a complaint about anything hurting. Just tired with a fever.

Two weeks ago, I got the throwing up flu on Sunday. Eythen got it Sunday night, then Harleigh Monday evening, and Breeanna early Tuesday morning. It was horrible! But some how Clint missed out on it all. No idea how the whole house got it and he did not. But so far he is free and clear.

Then this past Tuesday I got a call from the school saying Breeanna had a headache and a fever. I sent her back to school on Wednesday thinking she was fine. After I droped her off, about an hour later, my head began to hurt. So I checked my temperature and sure enough I had one. About an hour later Eythen was curled up on the chair and his cheeks were beet red. I checked to see if he had a temperature and he did. Not more than an hour after that, Harleigh was in the couch with a fever saying her head hurt. Argh!!! Will this sickness ever end.

I went to bed Wednesday night thinking that everyone was fine. Temperatures were gone, kids had been playing, all we well . . . or so I thought. I woke up at 1:30 am to Breeanna crying next to my bed saying her head hurt again. I felt her head and she had a fever AGAIN!!! Two seconds later Harleigh was crying. I went into her room and she said her head hurt and she was warm AGAIN!!! Wait a minute . . . is that Eythen crying, too? Yep! Eythen was dripping in sweat because his fever was so bad. Poor baby! Not to mention my head hurt, but I did not have time to even think about that. I poped some Tylenol and began to take care of my babies.

So ... that is why I started this blog at 2:30 am. I had Harleigh on the love seat covered up, Breeanna on the couch covered up and Eythen was in his room watching a movie. Sigh . . . . I have used more Lysol than I ever thought possible!!! I have washed every possible bit of cloth in this house. Not to mention I have bought more liquid Tylenol for the kids than one person should have to on a year (Let alone two months).

Clint you ask . . . is he sick yet? No not yet, but he did say that three people on his crew were out since Friday afternoon and Monday. So I am betting that he will get hit, but the question is when and how bad.


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