Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fresh air blowing ...

March 27th, 2007

I am sitting here with the windows open in the house with the air blowing in the windows. What a feeling that is!!! I can hear the birds chirping and our neighbors are mowing their lawn. The sounds are so famaliar and that glimpses of spring are in the air. Spring just makes you want to go out and run around the block like a kid again. The fresh air and great temperature is soothing to the soul. This the first time since Clint and I have lived together in 7 years that I HAVE a deck door to open and let fresh air in. This is the first time that I can open the windwos myself and not have Clint bangingin on them because they are stuck shut again (oh our good "ol house on Mechanic Street). You truely forget how great it makes you feel having fresh air in your house.

We live 2 houses from the nieghborhood park and you can hear kids playing and laughing throughout the day. People are out walking their dogs till night time is falling. Neighbors stop by to chat with you if you are out in the front of you house. It is just a great neighborhood to be in and Spring is letting Cint and i see it. It is just completely different from when we lived in Emporia and lived on Mechanic street and had people flying down a one way street, drunks throwing beer bottles in our yard, someone spray painting our privacy fence, stealing things from our yard, and of course someone breaking the windows in my Sequoia. And we did not have the best neighbors on Mechanic street . . . they are not the type to stop and say hi to you . . . they were more the type to look out their window and see if you were doing something they could call the cops on you for.

I am truely loving being at home with this kids right now, too. We walked to school this morning, played at the park when we got back and had a picnic outside for lunch. Yeah, spring means less clothing (which means no baggy sweatshirt to cover up those fat spots), but I am SO ok with that this year. Yeah, I am chunky but who cares. I am a great Mom and Clint and I are more in love right now than we ever have been. So I will lay in the tanning bed to get some color and put on the shorts and forget about the flaws that I have always wanted to get rid of. They are not going to go anywhere, so I might as well except the extra "pounds" that I have on myself and live life to the fullest. Because there is no one that is going to live my life better for me than myself!!!


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