Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beer to soften the blow ...

MARCH 25TH, 2007 First, let's all take a moment to ourselves to scream, kick, punch the thing nearest you, cry (which is what I did), or lay on the ground in disbelief that our Jayhawks did not win. AUGH!!! Last night Clint and I went out with another couple, Bill and Amy to watch the game. I have to say that this was the first time that I ever watched the game in Lawrence at a bar (just NOT the same as watching it in Emporia!!!). All of us got there more than two hours before the game even started. The place was already packed. Every where you looked was a sea of blue. People had their KU beeds on and the beer was flowing. Shoot, someone even brought a HUGE stuffed Jayhawk and was having everyone touch it for luck. What an atmosphere to be in though. I have been to the KU football games and the KU basketball games, and each place is just surrounded by KU support. I mean it just poors out of every inch of the field house or the stadium that you are in. The same goes for watching the Hawks in a bar. Everyone was screaming and cheering as the game came on the tv. People were looking around at everyone else, making sure that the person behind them could see the tv's. People were giving high-fives to total strangers when KU scored. It was just another great experience with fellow Jayhawk fans. I guess this IS why KU was named the most supporting fans in the nation!!! With two minutes left in the game (and it NOT looking so well). Everyone in the bar was trashed (including me, Clint, Bill and Amy). Bill was pouring another glass of beer for everyone and I turned to my right and there was no Clint. As the last two minutes ticked on, everyone in the bar was still cheering "Let's Go Jayhawks" (clap ** clap ** clap**), but Clint was not returing. I knew my die hard fan of a husband was really pissed off and upset somewhere. So Amy headed out one side of the bar and I headed out the other to find him. I seriously had to fight back tears as the seconds ticked off the clock and KU had to walk off the court with a loss. I found my honey in the truck, smoking a cigarette totally upset. (Well, actually MANY cuss words were coming out of his mouth.) I think everyone felt the same pain my husband had. The bar cleared out really fast. Everyone had a look of sadness in the eyes. This was KU's year. This was the year that KU was going to take it all. UCLA . . . come on!!! Are you kidding me!!! We deserved to be there and were better than them (stomping my foot). Well, it was a great night (beside the loss). Clint and I had a great (drunk) time. Thanks Bill and Amy for asking us to go out (AND finding us a babysitter). Oh yeah . . . to all of you that were going to come to our house next Saturday for the big Final Four game . . . I guess that is off since KU is no longer in it. (sigh again).


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