Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christmas Letter for 2007

Saturday, December 08, 2007 To all our Family and Friends:

Another year is about to end. 2007 seemed to fly by even faster than 2006 did. I am not sure where the times goes, but at times I really wish I could make it slow down or even stop the sands of time every now and then. Every year that goes by means more mile stones for my kids, another year Clint and I have been together and more memories that we have created as a family. 2007 was a year that brought us health, happiness, love and joy. We hope that 2007 brought the same to each of you.

Breeanna turned 6 this year. She graduated kindergarten and walked through her first grade doors in August. Of course I cried just like I did when she walked away from me when I dropped her off her first day of kindegarten. She is definatley more brave than I am at those times. In the spring she played soccer and went to volleyball camp. She won MVP at volleyball! (Yes I was a VERY proud Mom when they announced her name). She also did tap and ballet for the 4th year now. She really enjoys it and amazes us every year how much more she shines at the receitals. Breeanna is also in Brownies this year. She is learning so many valuable things in Girl Scouts that will help in her future years.

Harleigh Bug is an silly as any other year. She keeps us laughing all the time in the house. Yesterday she told us that her nose would not shut off (she has a cold) haa haa!!! She turned 5 this past October and I can hardly believe that next year I will be sending her of to kindergarten. She is in preschool this year and loves every single moment of it. The things they are learning in kindergarten are things that I thought I learned in the 1st grade. Harleigh also played soccer this past spring. In the middle of one game, Harleigh began singing "head shoulder knees and toes" at the top of her lungs out on the field. Even the refs had to stop and laugh over the situation. Harleigh is also in tap and ballet this year. Her new found passion is gymnastics. She truley enjoys going and is really great at it for a 5 year old.

Little Eythen is growing up way to fast for me. He is our little man (my baby) and he is nearly taller than Harleigh. E-Man just turned 3 this last September. He has brought us some "moments" this past year . . . like when he colored all over my living room walls with a black sharpie marker, drove his batter operated tractor full speed ahead into the side of the house, decided to use the bed as a trampoline and busted his head open, touched the fire place and burnt his hand, decided to see what would happen if he rolled down head first on the stairs in our house and put all the cookies he had in his bowl down the heater vents in his room "because it was hungry". He keeps us on our toes and has truely completed our little family. Eythen's big accomplishment was getting potty trained. After telling me MILLIONS of times "It not working . . .no water coming" every time I would try to get him to go. He FINALLY caved in after about 4 months and . . . NO MORE DIAPERS after having to buy them for SIX years straight!!!

Time seem to get better and better the older that our kids get. We all went to the KU football games and they had the time of their lives. Clint took the girls to a KU basketball game this year, and Harleigh was ready to "get out of here" before the game even began. Clint is the foreman for the plumbing project at the KU football stadium. I am still a SAHM and love every minute of it. We went on a little mini summer vacation this year and the kids had so much fun. I think they had more fun on the elevator at the motel than anything else that we did. Clint and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary and can hardly wait to celebrate 8. All in all . . . life at the Moore house is great and we look forward to many more memories to share with you in 2008.

May 2008 bring you everything and then some!


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