Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ...

December 24th, 2008

Boy howdy did the snow fall here on Saturday. It was coming down like it was the North Pole at times. It started off as sleet (yuck ), then came the snow, then came the wind blowing the snow in every which direction, then came the thunder in between the snow and sleet. It was a day that NO ONE left the house!

The kids could hardly wait to get out in the snow. I have to admit, that I could hardly wait as well!!! It had been along time since we had a good snow that actually covered the whole ground and not patches here and there. It seems that the past couple of years we have missed all the snow. Sure we have gotten some, but nothing major to play in. This time . . . we had some major snow!!! We had a good 6 inches and boy did it look pretty all over the town. Have you ever stood out on your porch at night time after the snow has fallen? It is so peaceful. Not a sound around. Lights are gleeming off the freshly fallen snow. Perfect! Peaceful! Wonderful!

Clint and I bundled the kids up for an afternoon out in the snow. Of course the snowball fights broke out right away. The kids thought it was so funny to nail Clint or I. I think Clint thought it was just as funny to nail me! Of course, every time I went to go hit Clint . . . I totally missed! (this is why I was a cheerleader and not in sports!!! ) The kids made snow angels and had a blast doing it. No snow man though . . . the snow was to dry to get anything like that.

After 45 minutes outside and a hundred snowballs later . . . wet from the snow, red noses, snow in the lining of the gloves, pants all wet, and chattering teeth we called it a day and came in for some warm bathes and sugar cookies right out of the oven. Who could wish for a better afternoon!!!


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