Thursday, July 23, 2009

About freaking time ...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 I would like to officially announce that my son is potty trained!!! Yes, that is right! Eythen is potty trained! And it is about freaking time!!! I kept telling him that he was not going to be 3 and wearing a pullup. I had tried NUMEROUS times, and kept getting frustrated and giving up . . . the worst thing to do, I know! But it was easier to give up than to get mad at him. It was the battle of the wills and he was DEFINATELY winning! I had tried everything, read everything, had so much good advice (thanks Lisa), and even begged him that I would empty out our savings to take him to Disney World if he just did it. NOTHING worked . BUT 3 Saturday's ago, it clicked with him. I am not sure what made it click . . . but it did. Perhaps it was me telling him that I was not doing this anymore and he had to change his own wet pants and we were not wearing pullups anymore . But come Sunday he began to figure it out. Come Monday, he was telling me he had to go potty. Then on Tuesday he would just go in the bathroom by himself. YAHOOO!!! YIPEE!!! I am not sure if I was more excited that he was doing it or if he was! He was so funny though . . . if I put him on the potty, and he did not go instantly he would tell me "It not working". or "No water today". If he did go, he would say "I won!!!" And he would be beaming with a smile from ear to ear!!! No, we have no attempted to leave the house yet in just our big boy pants . . . I am not that brave yet. But so far we have only had one accident when we were not at home . . . and that is because we were in the car. Although, the moment we got home, he ran inside and changed his own pullup to big boy pants. No more diapers for this family! We have bought diapers for 6 years straight. We have always had a child in diapers. We had 2 kids in diapers 2 different times in the 6 years. ALL that money. (gulp . . . makes me kind of sick to my stomach . . . ). Hmmm . . . . I think I need a new outfit or some jewlery with the money that we are saving!!! 3 kids later, I am NO expert on potty training . .. all I can say is . . . about freaking time I am done with diapers!!! Way to go E-Man!!!


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