Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not my baby anymore ...

October 4th, 2007 ... This past Sunday, our little E-Man turned 3. He is not a baby anymore . You still can consider a 2 year old a "toddler" . . . aka: still little enough to be your baby. But a 3 year old . . . not so little anymore . I mean, Eythen never really was "little". He was 8.2 pounds when he was born on September 30th by a scheduled c-section and was 18 inches long. My girls were still in 3 to 6 months stuff when they were a year old. Not my little guy . . . he was in 12 month shirts when he was 5 months old. As of today, he wears a 4T pant, 5T shirt and size 9 shoes. But those big blue eyes and that curly hair . . . along with his sweet smile will melt anyones heart . Eythen, my little man . . . my youngest, there is no one like you! You completed our family. You were our last one, so Daddy and I could relax and enjoy you. Right from the start you had everyone wrapper around your little finger, and you still do. Your sisters would not know what to do without you. You are alawys their "baby" when they play house, they love to dress you up in costumes, you usually do what they want you to do and whenever they want you to - most of the time . You can make anyone laugh . . . you are such a clown ! I Think one of Daddy's favorite times with you is bath time . . . the two of you laugh so hard - and water seems to get all over the floor with those bath toys. You and Daddy are the youngest of siblings, so I think it is easy for the 2 of you to make a game out of ANYthing ! Have I mentioned what a mischievous little guy you are? Oh the stories I could share about you. You have such a sense of adventure . . . nothing stands in your way, and I love that about you! You will always be a part of me and your Daddy, and we will be a part of you. There's no one like you my brave little man. P.S. . . . for his birthday Clint had to buy him this outrages present. Clint bought him a battery operated dump truck that Eythen can drive himself. This thing is huge and goes SO fast! (Did I mention that my Dad had bought Eythen a battery operated tractor awhile back and my parents got the girls a Barbie Jeep . . . so we have our own "mini car lot" in the front of our house! ) .


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