Monday, April 9, 2012

Another year older ...

Well, I am officially another year older.

I have learned to embarace my thirties completely.

I did not want to turn thirty truthfully.  I wanted to remain in my twenties.

Twenties meant that I was still youthful.

Thirties meant that I was no longer ... well ... no longer young.

But I have learned that this is so untrue. I am still as silly, fun loving, crazy, snort when I laugh kind of girl that I was when I was twenty. But now that I am in my thirties ... I can be all of those things as a real "grown up".

I have to say though ... I have learned alot over the past few years.

Marriage and friendship ...

Two big things in someones life.

Right ???

Friendship ... as one gets older you do not have all those "bestfriend" that you had in higschool and junior high. You know what I mean ... every week you added someone else to your "bestfriend" list. In college you had you party girls and could never imagine life without them. As the years went on ... so did peoples lives; kids came into the picture, careers took charge, everyone moved in different directions. Before you even knew it ... you are suddenly keeping in touch once a year with a Christmas card. Which sucks.  But ... every friend comes into your life for a reason.  Some are there to teach you a lesson.  Some are there to hold your hair back as you are puking your brains out from all the shots you did at the bar.  Some are there for a brief moment to show you something.  And then ... there are those that are gonna be there no matter how many miles are between you and no matter how many days it had been since you last talked on the phone.

Marriage ... no one told me that it would be so much work at times. Clint and I have been together for 14 years this September 30th and married for 12 this September 23rd. We have pushed one anothers buttons daily for the past 14 years. But somehow ... some way ... over this past few years ... with everything that has been thrown in our direction ... we have became closer than I ever thought possibe. He makes me smile. I get goose bumps when he holds my hand. I smile just by simply thinking about him. He is my soul mate and I can not imagine life without him.  He is ... simply wonderful. I love him with all my heart.  Without him ... there is no me.

So basically what have we learned today boys and girls???

Getting older sucks ... no matter how wise I get through the years.

Instead of buying me some expensive present ... that I would just probably regift ... just vote for my blog instead and we will call it a day.

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