Monday, March 12, 2012

I am a pirate ...

When I orginally started my blog ... I just assumed family would be the only ones reading it.

Even then ... I did not assume all my family would even read it.

After all ... how exciting is my semi-orgranized-chaotic world?!?!?!

I never in a million years dreamed that I would have 1000 plus readers a day.

I am still not sure why you guys keep coming back to my blog ...

Other than to thank your lucky stars that you are not in my shoes 90% of the time.

I chuckle ... because it is true.

Anyways ...

I decided to "repost" some of my "beginner" stories from when I started my blog.

That way ... for those of you 1000 plus readers that are not my Mom, Dad or Aunt Cathy that have been following this blog from day one can "get to know" me ... in a cyber-ish-computer-kind of way.

Here is one that I post on Thursday, ... May 22, 2008.


Well, my son got injured AGAIN!

I swear the girls never got hurt this much!

Granted, it could be worse, but it breaks my heart when my baby boy gets an "owie".

Tuesday I got a phone call from the preschool saying that I needed to come get Eythen because he fell down carrying a story book and the corner of it hit his eye and he would not stop crying "for his Mommy" (Mommy's always do make it better . . . let's face it).

So I went and got my baby guy and he had both eyes shut and refused to open either one of them.  When I got him home and finally got him to stop crying, he fell asleep for a couple of hours.  When he woke up his skin around his eye was all red and swollen.  He was crying and almost would shake when he would attempt to open his eye from the pain that it was causing.

So I called the doctor and they said to get him in . . . they thought he scratched his eye.

Well, I was babysitting our neighbors kids that day (of all days for it to happen) . . . so I called Clint and met him in Lawrence and he then took Eythen to the doctor office.

Two hours later, Clint called and said that they put some eye numbing medicine in his eye and that gave the doctor a chance to look at it.  They said nothing was wrong and he would be fine.

He came walking in the door telling us that his eye was open and he could see again ... yes, his exact words.


Midnight that night, the medicine must have wore off because all hell in Eythen's world had broke loose!  He was screaming and saying "owie".  He even told us to take him back to the doctor office, "she make it better".

He woke up 7 times between midnight and 3 am.  It was a living nightmare.  He woke back up for the morning around 8, crying all over again refusing to open his eyes at all.

At that age they do not understand just to open the one that is not hurting.

If he even tried to peek out of his eye he would scream.

SO . . . I called the doctor office AGAIN and told them that something was not ok and he needed something to make the pain stop.

SO . . . they got me in with an eye doctor at the hospital for kids.

Needless to say, I got lost along the way trying to find the freaking enterance and building that he was in.  By this point . . . I was about to loose it.  Eythen was crying, I was on my last nerve, I was tired from the night before, and all I wanted was to make things better for E-Man.

We finally got into the office and had to sit and wait for another hour.  But I have to say that they were all SO nice in the office.  They kept coming over to check to make sure Eythen was hanging in there, saying how cute he was, and how patient he was.  To make a longer story short . . . the doctor said that he had THREE scratches on his eye and they have no idea how the first doctor did not see them.  They also said he was a strong boy for making it through the night with no pain medicine.  They said where he scratched it was one of the most painful spots possible.  They gave him some eye numbing drops, which they flat out told me would wear off in 20 to 30 minutes . . . an eye patch and some a perscription for some liquid paid medicine, and sent us on our way.

Eythen thought he was cool walking around with his "pirate patch" on.  The nurses ohhed and ahhed over him.  They loaded him down with toys and stickers . . . and then the 20 minutes hit and the pain medicine had wore off!  So the screaming and crying started all over again.  I truthfully could not get to the pharmacy soon enough for the liquid pain medicine.

We made it through the afternoon, evening and night.  He actually woke up this morning and took off the eye patch and had his eye slightly opened without crying.  He said "Hey guys! I can see you! My eye all better!" It is VERY red, swollen and still not completely open . . . but they were not kidding when they said that kids heal fast and the pain medicine would help him out very much!

Oh yeah . . . a three year old on pain medicine is HILARIOUS!!!

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