Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hobby Lobby is stupid ...

My Mom asked Clint and I to swing into Hobby Lobby to get her some embroidery thread that she ran out of.  The first store was out of the color she needed ... but my over achiever Clint decided to drive to another town to get the thread for her.  By this time ... it was pooring down rain ... and there was no way I was about to get out in this weather.  Have fun over achiever Clint getting that thread for my Mom.

*Yes ... he did earn alot of brownie points from my Mom.  She might just like him more than me ... possibly.

Here is the conversation that Clint and I had when he got back in the car ...


After he decided to go into Hobby Lobby and seach for the embroidery thread.

Clint:  They really should put ALL the thread in the same section.  I just searched everywhere for the embroidery thread.

Me:  Twenty two minutes to be exact.

Clint:  That is because I went all over stupid Hobby Lobby looking for the embroidery  thread.  It really makes more sense to put it with the normal thread.

Me:  So where would they put all of the embroidery materials that go along with the embroidery thread?  With the cake decorating materials?

Clint:  Yep!  That is exactly where they should put the embroidery materials ... minus the embroidery thread.

Me:  Because that would be with the normal thread.

Clint:  Exactly.

Me:  But the embroidery materials would all go with the cake decorating materials???

*shooting Clint a "what the hell look*

Clint:  Exactly.

Me:  Maybe you should get a job at Hobby Lobby and eventaully take over Hobby Lobby completely.  Forget plumbing.  Plumbing is stupid.  Hobby Lobby is the place to earn your 401K.

*Clint shooting me a "what the hell look this time*

Me:  I am totally blogging about this stupid conversation.

Clint:  Surpirse ... surprise.  On the flip-side!!!  Maybe someone from Hobby Lobby will read your blog and move the stupid embroidery thread with the normal thread.  It just makes more sense.

Me:  Totally.

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