Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What the hell Mother Nature?!?!?!

Last night I took another amazing Tylenol PM ... and was sound asleep by 8:45 pm.  I know!!!  8:45!!!  That is just crazy talk ... but I was out like a light.

I was dreaming about the stupidest thing ...

I was at a pond where people were jumping in  ... and then they were hooked to a fishing pole.  They would swim out as far as they could ... and then the person on the other end would pull them back in with the fishing  pole.

Stupid ass dream.

Suddenly a shark appeared ... in the pond ...

And bit half of someone off.

Next thing I know ... I am calling for help.  For some unknown reason ... I call my bestfriend's Mom FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for help.  How the hell did I know her phone number is beyond me ... but I dialed it and started to scream for her to come to the pond and save the half eaten person.

Suddenly it starts to rain ...

And everyone runs for shelter ...

The rain is hitting the walls of the shelter really hard ...

And the wind is blowing even harder ...

I suddenly wake up to what sounds like hail hitting the side of our house.  I lay there ... half out of it ... because I have only been asleep for an hour and a half with the Tylenol PM.  I noticed that Clint was still downstairs ... and all the lights were on.  I debated on crawling out of bed to see if we were in a bad storm warning ... or just praying that I did not get blown away and closing my eyes and going back to sleep.

As the wind began to blow even harder I decided to drag my butt out of bed to see if we were gonna get blown away.

As I began to head out the bedroom door ... I was greeted by Clint making a mad dash into our room.  He was suddenly putting on shoes ... and telling me to wake the kids up because we had 3 minutes before a possible tornado was suspose to come through our town.

Like a crazed mad woman ... I go flying into the kids rooms ... tossing shoes at them ... and telling them to get down the stairs to take cover.

Yeah ... I might have possibly tramatized their little minds.  I am blaming it on the Tylenol PM.

Needless to say ... we do not have a basment.

Which sucks donkey balls big time.

We are all crammed into a little closet ... except my annoying oh-so-smart husband who is talking on the phone while watching the tv.

In the mean time ... I was trying to get Eythen to stop shaking from pure fear.  I was trying to get Breeanna to catch her breath from crying so hard.  I was trying to get Harleigh to not worry about the stupid cat that she had in one arm and the dog she had in the other.  I was trying not to have a nervous break down on my own.  I was convincing myself that this is gonna be a horrible year with storms.  I was reminding myself that we need to buy a home ASAP that has a basement.  I was wondering why the hell my husband was still standing in the living room.  I was wondering how I was gonna support 3 children on my own when my husband got blown away because he did not take cover.  I was wondering how excited my parents would be when me and the kids moved back in with them because Clint and our home got blown away in this storm.  I was wondering why I never had Clint show me how to use the grill because now I am suddenly gonna have to grill the burgers because he got blown away.

Clint:  It is over.  You guys can come out now.

Me:  When exactly is the weather "bad enough" for you to take cover with us?

Clint:  I don't know.

Me:  You are annoying.

Clint:  You are cranky.

Me:  True that.

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