Saturday, February 25, 2012

Suck it up Kid ...

About two weeks ago Harleigh told us that her foot hurt after basketball practice.

We basically told her to "suck it up" ...

And keep on moving.

That is ...

Until ...

This past Tuesday ...

Harleigh got off the bus neary in tears.  She was hobbling along with the other kids as they by-passed her along the sidewalk.  I could tell she really was hurting ...

Suddenly ...

I flashed back to when I was in the 3rd grade and playing kickball.

It was my turn up to kick ... I kicked the ball ... and suddenly my legs were going faster than my body ... and faster than the ball.  I literally fell over the ball ... my foot went one way ... and my body went another.

I am certain it was the most elegant and graceful thing you have ever seen.

I told my Mom after school that my foot hurt really bad ... but she told me to "suck it up".

Yep ... I am turning into my mother.  And proud of it.  Except for the whole talking to myself bit ... I would rather my sister take that trait.  Sorry sis.

The next day ... I stayed home ... and my Dad had to carry me around the house because I could not move my foot.

That afternoon ... my Mom realized that she was up for Parent of the Year ... when she saw my foot swollen and bruised.

I have always given her "crap" about "my foot nearly falling off" through out the years ... and now ... here I am ... with a daughter who has had a hurt foot for 2 weeks now ... and I am up for Parent of the Year ... again!!!

Damn it.

Anyways ... after a couple of hundred dollars on X-Rays ... the doctor told us that Harleigh pulled a bunch of muscles in her foot.

No basketball, dance or gymnastics for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Oh ... did I mention that she is on crutches for at least a week as well???


AND we live in a two story home ...

*rolling eyes*

AND the size of her elementary school is gi-normous!!!

*insert bad word here*

I will admit ... after 3 kids ... my "judgement skills" of doctor's bill vs. "suck it up" are really cloudy.

I am blaming my Mom on passing this trait onto me.

Oh ... Mom ... I offically forgive you for telling me to "suck it up" all those years ago.  *innoncent smile*  *batting eyes*

Harleigh heading off to school ...
Possibly her LAST day of having to lug the crutches
through the hallways of the school.
*fingers crossed*

Harleigh standing amongest her basketball team huddle ...

Getting in and out of the Navigator is not the easiest thing to accomplish ...

Day 1 of crutches ...
We made her practice walking in them out in the garage for awhile.

Heading into the school ....
She said her armpits hurt before we even got to the crosswalk.

Harleigh was all smiles at the doctor office ...
Until they told her no basketball or gymanstics
for two whole weeks.

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