Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did I seriously just dream that???

Falling asleep has been my arch-enemy lately.  I go to bed at a normal time ... and then I end up laying there ... staring at the alram clock ...then the wall ... then I listen to Clint snore ... then I stare at the alarm clock ... then the wall ... then I nudge Clint because he is snoring ...

You get the point.

I started taking Tylenol PM every now and then on the nights that I KNOW I need more than 2 hours of sleep in order to make it through the next day.

Last night was one of those nights that I took a Tylenol PM.

I heart the nights that I take Tylenol PM ... because I am sawing logs well before Clint comes to bed.  I can claim "my area" on the bed ... and Clint does not try to move me over because he knows that if he wakes me up ... there is a good chance I will not fall back to sleep.  So out of pure symphony ... he curls up on the edge of the bed and snores the night away.

Besides being in such a deep sleep that I am certain drool comes out of my mouth most of the nights ... there is another down fall to taking Tyloneol PM.

My dreams are f*ckd up.

Most of the time I wake up thinking "Did I seriously just dream that?"

Here is last nights dream.

It was Halloween ... except no one dressed up in costumes this year.  Everyone wore yellow sweatshirts with green poka-dots on it.

The kids and I headed down the block to our neighbor Amanda's house to go trick-or-treating.  The kids walk up the driveway ... and Amanda is handing out ponies as treats.  Real. Life. Ponies.  I looked at Amanda and said "What am I suspose to do with 3 ponies?  I was really hoping for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?"  Amanda replied with "I don't want all of these ponies in my back yard.  Plus, our pet monkey ate all of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups."

Of course!  The pet moneky!  I always heard they liked Reese's.


So we took our 3 ponies and turned up to the next block.

Except ... suddenly this block was not full of cookie cutter houses like it normally is.  It is completely out in the middle of the country ... with one home in sight ... it was our friend Kelly's house ... and it was ontop of a tall hill ... and it was neon orange.

Yeah ... I have no idea.

As the children head up the hill ... I walk over to a banana tree ... pick some banana's to feed to the 3 ponies.

I really could not even make this stupid dream up.  See why Tylenol PM is amazing ... but creepy at the sametime?!??!

As the kids head up the hill to go trick-or treating I call out to them "Ask Kelly if I can have a glass of wine.  I am really thristy."

Suddenly ... out of no where ... there are a heard of adults creeping up to the house ... and putting a "Halloween nativity sceen" on the side of the hill.  They have one of those HUGE wooden cards that people put up for Christmas ... except this one says "Happy Halloween".  And it has flying elephants all over it. 

Yeah ... I have no idea.

When the homeowners came out to give my children their treats ... they noticed the heard of adults hiding behind the Halloween nativity sceen that suddenly appeared in their driveway.  The heard of adults starting yelling at me and the kids for ruining their surprise ... and started to chase us.

Luckily for us ... we had 3 ponies to ride and get us the hell out of dodge.

Next thing I remember was the tornado sirens going off as we galloped through town ...

Turns out it was my alarm going off.

Good Morning! 

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