Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Because I suck at giving presents ...

For the past two years Clint and I have not done Christmas gifts for one another.

Not because we did not wanna splurge and shower the other with gifts ...

But because we live in a crappy economy ...

And live paycheck to paycheck ...

Like many of you out there ...

So ... we had to do the lame ass "grown up thing" and veoted giving one another gifts ...

And showered the children with gifts instead.

I would just like to state that Momma would LOVE a new KU hoodie or these amazing snow boots!!!  I know I know I know ... stupid responsibility.

So ... while I was personally slowing down the internet connection across the world from all of my cyber shopping I was doing the other day ... I came across this amazing Chicago Bears watch that Clint would have LOVED.  It was that type of gift that he would TOTALLY realize just how much I loved him from the moment he opened up the box on Christmas morning ... while running towards me to sweep me up in my arms screaming "THANK YOU"!!!  Ok ... so maybe that is a slight exaggeration.  He would not literally scream "THANK YOU"!!!  He would probably kiss me instead.

To top off this amazing watch that I found ... it was so affordable.

AKA ... cheep.

Perhaps ... found in a gumball machine ... type of cheep.

So ... I ordered it.

Two days later ...

The mail came and there were a few packages ...

And some bills ...

Stupid bills.

I figured the packages were things that I had ordered for the kids online.  NEVER in a MILLION years did I EVER think that the watch that I ordered ... TWO days ago ... would be in one of the packages.

So ... since I assumed it was just the kids gifts ... and NEVER in a MILLION years did I EVER think that it was the watch ... that I ordered TWO days ago ... I tossed one of the boxes to Clint ... and him open one of them for me.

So you can imagine my surprise ... since NEVER in a MILLION years did I EVER think it was gonna be the watch ... that I ordered TWO days prior ... when Clint had this confused look on his face once he opened the box.

Followed by a "oh my word you suck at giving presents" type of smile.

Damn it!!!

It was the darn watch ... that I had ordered TWO days ago!!!  What happened to the post office loosing packages and taking "longer than expected" to arrive due to the holiday season.


I suck at giving presents.

Merry Christmas Clint ... try to act surprised on Christmas morning when you open your Chicago Bears watch.

Oh wait ... you are already wearing it.

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  1. This was such a cute story! That stinks he found it though!

  2. I get a kick out of getting my on-line-shopping delivered to me. I't's like Christmas all year round when you open the parcels. I got hooked when I went to the Tracfone website and bought a phone card every month and I'd get a free phone, then they started giving away free phone cards and double & triple minutes for life with various phones and they threw in free delivery every time.
    The free phones I'm giving to my kids for Christmas and phone cards to my mom and dad.
    I'm trying to do most of my shopping on line now for the home. I think allot of moms would love to shop for groceries on line too. Does anyone have any ideas on achieving that with as little cost as possible or perhaps get free delivery.


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