Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time to get my clean on ...

If you are reading this ... then that means you survived summer vacation and are back in the full swing of things ... and in a school routine!

*high five*

I was not sure we were gonna make it a few times this past summer.  It was hit or miss every now and then.  I am pretty sure we even flat lined once or twice.

BUT ... we got through the summer break ... and the yellow bus pulled away with the little inmates waving frantically at us as we stood on the sidewalk with big smiles going across our face ... a few weeks ago.

*pat on back*

Now that my children are back in school ... it is go time for me!

Time to get my clean on.

That means I have exactly 8 hours to get my house sparkling clean, smelling pinesol fresh and bleach the shit out of the place.

Handprints ... gone!!!

Stains on carpet ... kind of gone!!!

Sticky stuff spilled on kitchen floor ... gone!!!

Toothpaste streaks in bathroom sink ... gone!!!

Pee all over the toilet ... and bathroom wall ... GONE!!!
Yes ... you read right.  Pee on the bathroom WALL!!!  I have NO idea how it happened ... but it did.  I am chalking it up to a learning experience for the little guy.

Quiet time while I ate lunch ... YOU BETCH YA!!!

Random crayons in random spots through out the house ... gone!!!

Closets organized ... done!!!!

Kids dresser drawers cleaned out ... kind of!!!
Not sure how we have 18 pairs of mix matched socks.  No. Flippin. Clue.

Kitty litter changed ... I will wait for Clint on that one!!!

Everything dusted ... done!!!

Bookshelf organized ... done!!!

Behind the frig and stove cleaned ... again ... I will wait for Clint on this one.

Pantry organized with all the lables facing forward and in a straight in ... this was already done.
Yes ... I am pretty sure I am OCD.

Koolaid wiped up that got spilt in the frig during the first week of summer vacation ... gone!!!

Couches cleaned ... done!!!
And I am 75 cents richer!!!

DONE!!!  I got it all done!!!  With 45 minutes to spare.  Now all I have to do ... is manage to keep it clean when the 3 little minions come barrelling through the house like a freaking EF-5 tornado.

Mmmmm ... how can I get my point across that I really enjoy the house smelling like Mr. Clean and not fruitchews with a hint of mud and a dash of koolaid????

Hazmat suits seem to be the only logically solution to keeping my house spotless when the children are in it.  So ... until I figure out how to get my hands on 5 of them ... this is how I decided to keep the house clean in the mean time.

It seems pretty logical to me?!?!

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