Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So long summer ...

So long Summer!!!

I can't say I will miss your extremly hot temperatures that you blessed us with this past summer ...

But I can say that I am SO thrilled that Fall is upon us!


Woot!  Woot!

It is time to pack up the swimsuits  ... which I personally could not do fast enough!!!  Don't get me wrong ... I love going to the pool with my kids ... we live there in the summer.  But I just wish that wearing a tent over my swimsuit (perhaps a moo-moo) would work as a fashion icon ... instead of a fashion no-no.

It is time to turn off the AC ... and no longer cringe when the city bill arrives in the mail.  If you were anything like us ... we would literally hold our breath ... have a slight panic attack ... and scream when we saw the grand total.  Then plan our lunch and dinner menu's around hotdogs and mac-n-cheese in order to pay for the bill.

It is time to put away the flip flops ... and bring out the amazingly soft Ugg Boots.

It is time to pack up the tanktops and short shorts ... and bust out the oversized hoodie sweatshirts and sweatpants.  I live for this moment ... I truley LIVE for it.  Anything to cover up the stretch marks, belly flab, bat wings under my arms and pale white skin ... I am ALL over it!!!

Which leads me to the next thing ...

It is time for the tan lines to fade away ... and the pastey white dry skin to start to shining through.  Literally ... shine.  Like a neon becon in the sky ... shine through.

It is time for the puking flu to creep and linger in your house ... and the doctors bills to prove it.

It is time for the your house to start smelling like spices and cinnamon ... and no longer like sun tan lotion.

It is time for the leaves to start turning shades of red, orange and brown ... and no longer a "dead brownish green" color because the sun beat down on the trees ... all day long in 124 degree weather ... and killed it all off.

It is time for the Pumpkin Patches to open ... and the pee filled swimming pools to be drained and shut down.

It is time for cloudy cool days ... and no longer having panic attacks over tornado sirens going off.

It is time for the Mum Flowers to bloom ... and the dead tomato plants to be pulled up and tossed away.
We only got 1 stupid tomato off of our tomato plants this past summer.  No matter how much we watered those darn things ... they did not stand a chance in Satan's weather that we had this past summer.

It is time to start making huge pots of chilli ... and no longer serving BLT's for a quick and easy dinner.

It is time to start turning your porch light on at 5:00 ... and mourning the fact that the late night evenings of drinking wine on your back porch while the sun was starting to sit at 9:00pm are done and over with.

It is time for the "ahhh-choos" from the allergies to come in full swing ... and your checkbook to feel the effects of the weekly trips to Wal-Greens to pay for the allergy medicine.

It is time for the cool crisp morning air to arrive ... and the hot as hell-drippy with sweat-can't hardly breath summer air to back its bags and move on.

I just love Fall!!!

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