Monday, September 12, 2011

Football season is upon us ...

Every year since we moved to Eudora ...

Clint has gone to opening game day for KU football.




I went a time or two ...

Just to do my part of "the good wife" ... then when I realized he was not going anywhere ... and he loved me unconditionally ... so I stopped going.

And ... I started sending the kiddos with him.

This was a win win situation for me.

I got out of going to the football game ... and Clint could not get slobbery dunk because he had the kiddos with him.

Normally ... he takes Eythen and Breeanna with him.

Me and Harleigh (who dislikes football as much as I do) ... enjoy an afternoon of non-football activities.  One year we went to the movies.  Another year we went shopping for the afternoon.  Last year we layed in bed and watched a movie while eating ice cream.

This year was kind of different though.

My Mom invited the kiddos down to visit her for Memorial Day weekend ... and my sister had given Clint 4 tickets to the opening game.

So ... Clint left it up to the kids on what they wanted to do.

Decisions ...

Decisions ...

Decisions ...

Harleigh was a no-brainer.  She was loading up and heading to Grammy and Papa's for the weekend before Clint could even finish asking the question.

Eythen informed us that "he really liked those two people (meaning my Mom and Dad) and wanted to go to their house".

Breeanna asked if she stayed and went to the football game ... could she have a friend sleep over since her brother and sister would not be here.


Sounds like a good deal to me.

Except ... "a friend" ended up being SEVEN 10 year old litte girls ... who stayed up till WELL past 3 am.


So ... while Eythen and Harleigh were enjoying some Grammy and Papa time.  Breeanna and Clint headed off to their annual KU football game.

Incase you did the Math ... then you realized that I was all by myself during the KU football game time frame this year.  No need to feel sorry for me though!!!  I enjoyed some LifeTime movies that I had DVR'ed MONTHS ago and could never seem to find the time to watch one of them.  OH ... and I also enjoyed the peace and quiet ... with a glass of wine ... or two ... or perhaps the whole bottle.

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