Monday, August 22, 2011

Momma does not wanna cook tonight ...

I do not feel like cooking tonight ...

So Clint volunteered to grill ...

Eythen suggested McDonald's ...

Grilling it is!!!

The only thing I had to do ...

Was prepare the hamburgers to be grilled.

Gather up the hambuger buns, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, cheese and mayo.

I also needed to figure out what else was gonna go with the hamburgers ...

Perhaps french fries, potato casserol or chips ...

Eythen suggested cereal.
Then I need to poor drinks in the cups, find the paper plates (because if I am not cooking ... then I am not doing dishes either), get forks for everyone and debate if I should cook bacon to go with the burgers or not?!?!?

Hmmm ... then my house will smell like a grease pit for the next 4 days.

Mmmmm ... but bacon is SO darn good!

Grease dripping bacon it is!!!

Nothing better than a hamburger on the grill ... with cheese ... and greasy bacon.


Now all I have left to do ... is pick up the scraps of food on the table that the kids left behind, sweep up the crumbs that hit the floor, pack up the extra hamburgers and buns and put them in the frig, seal up the extra lettuce and cheese, put up the ketchup and mustard and mayo, pick up the bags of chips that we used to go with the hamburgers, throw the paper plates in the trash (because I said I was not doing dishes if I was not cooking), throw the forks and cups in the dishwasher and then wipe down the cabinet and table with some smell good kitchen cleaner.

I love my nights off from cooking!!!

Although ... it never truely feels like a night off.

Maybe I should have voted with Eythen ... and went for McDonald's?!?!?!

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