Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life lessons ...

Remember how I claimed in a previous blog post that 2011 was gonna be "Clint's and my year" ... well ... I must have calculated wrong.

Perhaps 2012 will be our year?!?!?!


Anyways ... I am CERTAIN I have learned some valuable knowledge!!!



So ... I am dedicating this blog post to some of the very valuable Life Lessons that Clint and I have experienced over these past few years.

So hold on tight ... this might be a bumpy ride ...

1.  Your life is a book that is written in pen.  So ... unfortunately you cannot change it ... but you can look back and learn from it.

2.  Clint and I have read the rules.  We have followed the rules. The rules are stupid.   So fuck screw the rules.

3. Never give up on a dream even if others do not encourage it.  You have the dream and the desire of it for a reason.  Follow your heart and you can not go wrong.

4. My checking account always says that we have money ... but then the bills laugh and say "Now you don't".

5.  Sometimes it is not enough to turn a page in life ... you also have to tear that bad boy up and burn the pieces.

6.  We learn something from every single person that comes into our lives ... whether it is good or bad.   It is what we do with it ... that really makes a difference.

7.  Sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart ... and no one can fix it.

8.  On payday ... Clint gets a piece of paper showing how hard he worked ... and everyone else gets his hard earned money.  Stupid bills

9.  Life is always gonna throw crap at you.  You can either stand there and get covered ... duck and move on ...or pick it up and throw it back and the bitches.

10.  Sometimes the hardest thing in life ... is saying that you are ok.

11.  It has been said that "money can't buy you happiness".  BUT ... Clint and I are MORE than willing to be the guinea pig for testing to see if it is true!!!

12.  Ever have one of those moments when you stop, breathe in, realize that it is all going to be okay ... and smile?!?!?  Me too!!!

13.  What almost destroyed me yesterday ... makes me stronger today.

14.  My house is always clean when no one comes by.

15.  When a husband is holding his wifes hand a they walk through the mall ... it is not to be romantic ... it is pure economics.

16.  Do not go through life thinking ... what if.  Go through life thinking ... remember when.

17.  Never regret anything from your past ... because at one point in time ... it was exactly what you wanted to do.

18.  Therapy is expensive ... wine is not.

19.  No matter what life places at your feet ... there is no situation that cannot be resolved with good friends and some alcohol.

20.  God never gives you more than you can handle.  AMEN!!!

The most important thing that my amazing hubby and I have learned as these damn darn lemons keep getting pelleted at our heads ... is that we can not control the world ...but we can control how we deal with it.

That is why we are making lemonade out of the lemons ... and adding alot of fucking tequila!


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