Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Future Farmer???

Eythen has been OBSESSED with tractors since the wee little age of 3 ... or was it 2???

Shoot ... he is my 3rd child ... there are certain things you are lucky to remember.

For example ... I remember his birthday ... and ... *fingers crossed* I remember the year he was born when someone askes me.

Any who ...

Eythen LOVES to go and visit Grammy J. and Papa Gene on the farm ... because ... well ... my Dad is a farmer ... which means ... he has tractors.

And Eythen is in tractor heaven.

Eythen's favorite tractor ... the combine.

He has been begging Papa Gene to let him drive the combine since last September ... when Papa Gene made the mistake of saying that Eythen could come down and ride in it for his birthday ... when he would be out in the field.

Then. It. Rained.

Note to self:  Never ... I repeat ... NEVER promise my 6 year old son anything.


Because he does not forget a single thing.

A. Single. Thing.

So ... for the past year ... every time the kids came to visit Grammy J. and Papa Gene ... Eythen asked Papa Gene to get the combine out and take him for a drive.

FINALLY ... Eythen's times came.

Papa Gene was gonna be in the field ... using the combine ... when Eythen was gonna be down for a visit.

And Eythen was in heaven ...

Papa Gene was out in this field ... for about 2 hours.  I was honestly expecting a phone call 15 minutes after we dropped him off ... telling us that Eythen was bored and wanted to come home.

Nope ... he lasted the whole time.

He asked every question possible ...

And learned alot of "farm knowledge".

When my Dad asked Eythen if there was wheat in the fields over by his house ... he replied with "Well ... not like this.  Ours is kind of different ... it is in bread."

Special Thank goes out to Papa Gene ... for creating a memory for Eythen ... that he will never forget!!!

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