Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daddy's against Daughters Dating 101 ...

When I was growing up my Dad use to tell me that he would be waiting at the front steps with a shotgun when I began dating.

I ... of course ... would roll my eyes ... and say "Whatever Dad" ... and leave to go and tease my hair even higher.

But then again ... he probably should have been waiting at the door with a shot gun with some of the ... well ... uhhh ... dousche bags I went out with.

Now that I think about it ... no wonder I caught my parents doing the happy dance in the kitchen the first time I brought Clint home from college. They could just "sense" that he was normal ... and did not have a criminal record.

Now ...

Years later ...

And before we know it ...

It is gonna be Clint and my turn ... putting the living fear in young little boys that show up at our door step.

Sooner or later (preferably WAY later) ... it is gonna be MY daughters ... entering the dating world.



And TRUST ME ... when I say ... that Clint is even LESS ready for it than I am.

So ...

Since we can not legally lock them in their rooms for 10 20 years ... it is eventually gonna happen.



So ... I thought I would send Clint back to school and give him some "Daddy's against Daughters Dating 101" to go over ... instead of asking my Dad for one of his shot guns in 6 7 8 20 years from now.
But ... first things first.

You. MUST. Dress. The. Part.


You don't need to worry about me having to go to "Mommy's against Son's Dating 101".  My little man promised me that Mommy will always be the most important girl in his life.  *wink*

See you tomorrow for some "Daddy's against Daughters Dating 101" education.

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