Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine check list ...

I just LOVE Valentine's Day.  It is a day MADE for ME!  I mean ... really ... it has nothing to do with Clint.  Honestly.  Like he cares cares about the flowers, cards, candy and romance.  BUT ... he will pretend like he cares about it for one day out of the year ... for no one elses sake ... but his own.  Because if he doofus's around ... and forgets ... Clint WILL BE reminded for the next 364 days that he forgot about MY holiday.

Just a side note ... Clint forgot about Valentine's Day last year.  And since I am typing this blog post the day BEFORE valentine's Day ... I MUST remind him that he doofus'ed up ... and forgot MY holdiday last year.

Even though it is MY holiday ... I wanted to find the perfect gift to give to Clint to let him know just how much I love him.  I wanted to give him something from my heart.  I wanted something to let him know that I love him.  I love us.  I love who we are.  I love who we have became.

So ... I REALLY put some thought into it.

What does Clint really love and care about?!?!?

What would make Clint smile?!?!?!

What would be a gift that kept on giving?!?!?

What would top the KU basketball that I got him last year?!?!?!

WHEN ... he forgot about me last year.

Yep ... I told you ... that he would be reminded for the next 364 days if/when he forgot me on Valentine's Day.  I am required to remind him ... check the fine print on your marriage license ... it is there.  You might need to squint REALLY hard ... put it under a magnifi glass ... and ad-lib a bit ... but it is there.

What could I give Clint ... that each time he looked at it ... he would remember how totally awesome his wife is?!?!?!

Well ... let's see.

Clint loves beer and sex.

So ... I think we will go with a gift that is designed around beer.

KU beer handle thingy for Clint's beer thingy ...

Gift ... *check*

Next came the perfect card.

Now THIS is where I had some major problems.  I went to FOUR different stores trying to find a card that said everything that I felt for this man.

Yes ... I realize that Clint would not go to 4 different stores to find me a card.  Shit ... he might remember a card from the grocery store if they had them at the register.  But ... that is beside the point.

OH!  AND ... NO!!! Clint did not get me a card last year either.  And YES ... I still have one day by law ... to remind him that he really screwed up in the romance department last Valentine's Day.

So ... here I am ... going to Hal-Mark, Target, another Hal-Mark and Wal-Greens.

There is not ONE single card that I can find that tells this man just how much I adore, admire, respect, am attached to, trust, believe in, love, desire, hold close to my heart, care, need, head over heals in love with, appreciate, enjoy, smitten for, my bestfriend, like, treasure, fancy, think the world of, thrive with and simply crazy about ... unless I wanna spend $7.00.

Uhhh ... that would be a negative!!!

So ... I guess I will do the next best thing ... blog about my favorite Valentine ... for the cyber world to read about.

Clint:  I love you more than ever.

Time and trust have created a deep closeness between us that I would not trade for anything in the world.

We shelter each other when the world outside gets too hectic or challenging. 

You are my sounding board and I am yours, because we know eachh other better than anyone else.

We encourage each other ... are there for each other ... and believe in each other with all our hearts. 

I still remember our first kiss ... first date ... and our first whispered "I love you."

But now ... saying "I love you" ... is even better, because our love is the real thing, the one constant thing through anything we have faced.

And as time passes, our love will change as it grows, but it will never grown old in my mind ... only more amazing ... and meaningful ... with every Valentine's Day that we share.

Love:  Your shorty ... your wife *wink*

Card that tells Cint just how much I love him ...*check*

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