Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day?!?!?!

The moment my kids got off the bus ... they informed me that they were gonna be wearing there pajama's wrong side out ... in hopes of tomorrow being a snow day.

Well ... let me change that ...

Harleigh and Eythen were on the "wearing their pajama's wrong side out" ban-wagon.

Breeanna looked at me and said "There is NO WAY there is gonna be school tomorrow, Mom.  It is a blizzard outside.  Seriously."

So the second Harleigh and Eythen walked in the door ... the rushed up the stairs ... and turned their pajama's wrong side out ... and set out on a mission of declaring tomorrow as a snow day.

Harleigh decided to add the pets in the mission of turning tomorrow into a snow day.
Incase you can not tell ... Harleigh put Lucy's coat on wrong side out.
Yes ... Lucy has a coat.
But shouldn't we be focused on the factor that my daughter is a nut case and
turning the pets clothing wrong side out. 
NOT the factor that our dog has a coat.
Yeah ... that is what I thought.

Eythen not only turned his wrong side out ...
he decided to put his pajamas on backwards ...
in hopes that it would be that little extra "nudge".

Yes ... Harleigh even cornered poor IzzaBell and turned her kitty shirt wrong side out.
Again ... let's not focus on the fact that our cat has a shirt.
Let's focus on the fact that my daughter is a nut case ...
and decided that the cat would be the determining factor
with the snow day Gods.
Yes ... our cat has a shirt.  *sigh*

IzzaBell was NOT thrilled to be apart of the whole
"Let's make a snow day happen"
thing that Harleigh and Eythen had going on.
I am pretty sure she is happier when the children are at school ...
and she is not chased by a crazy 6 year old.
Just. A. Guess.

Breeanna was about as thrilled as the cat.

Oh yeah ... the school already called ...

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