Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tugging on heart strings ...

I have discovered lately ... that I have some amazing loyal readers out there!  So I wanted to thank all of you for stopping by whenever you log onto your computer to stop by and see what craziness and chaos we have gotten ourselves into at any given time.

But ... on another note ... I am also a loyal reader to some other "Mommy Bloggers" ... and one certain blog in perticular has really been weighing heavily on my heart lately.  This certain blog has been on my mind ever since I read it last Thursday.

A Perfect Lily is a blog that I am a loyal reader to.  She is a Mommy to 10 children ... yes ... you read right ... TEN children.  Well ... she recently had her heart strings tugged on because of a little girl named Olga. 

Olga is a beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome.  She is almost 5 years old ... and lives in an orphanage in Eastern Eurpoe.  You see ... just because this amazingly bright eyed adorable little girl has Down Sydrome ... and lives in an orphanage ... she is "considered" unexceptable in Eastern Europe.  Olga will soon be sent to a mental institution ... once she turns five years old.  Forever.

Did you see that last sentence?!?!?



What makes this story even more heart breaking ... is the fact ... that once these innoncent little children are sent to the mental institution ... their heads are shaved ... and they are left in metal cribs.  If they try to crawl out of the cribs ... then they are chained into the crib to assure that they will not crawl out.

*tears filling up eyes*

This pulled at every inch of my heart.

I cried.

And I cried.

And I cried.

I told Clint about it ... and told him that I wished we had the resorces to resuce this little angel from what life is about to throw at her.  She has no control over it ... and no one is there to protect her ... to love her ... to pick her up when she is crying ... to hold her when she is scared ... to tuck her in at night and tell her that they love her.  I don't understand how this can be happening to little children ... just because they have Down Syndrome.

So ... if you click RIGHT HERE it will take you to the blog I read ... called ... A Perfect Lily.  There you can see what one woman is doing in hopes of trying to find a home for Olga.  If you read her blog ... trust me ... you will walk away from your computer in tears ... wanting to do something to help as well.

Or ... you can simply CLICK HERE TO HELP A CHILD like Olga and donate some money to an organization called Reese's Rainbow.  Reese's Rainbow is an organization that raises money that goes towards the cost of the adoption for these little kiddos.  Adopting can be really expensive ... so this amazing organization is out there ... helping sweet kids like Olga ... have adoption funds set up for them ... in hopes that it allows them to become a son/daughter to a loving family. 

Reese's Rainbow is an organization known for it preudent use of funds.  It is known for the work it does to find homes for children who have been sent to an orphanage because of the fact that they have Down Syndrome.

BY CLICKING HERE you will help someone get the chance to be called Mommy and Daddy.

BY CLICKING HERE you will help children like Olga ... never have to see the inside of a mental institution ... or touch a cold metal crib. 

Clint and I CLICKED RIGHT HERE ... and I hope you take a moment to CLICK RIGHT HERE as well.

I know this blog is a little more on the serious side ... from what you normally read when you come to my blog ... but this was something that I just had to blog about.  I have been talking to Clint about it day and night ... so I decided to talk to you about it to. 


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